Facts about Study In Canada?

Are you one of the many students who search the term ‘The best consultancy for study in Canada in Nepal’ in search engine platforms? Then, this article can be the best answer to your crucial research in selecting the right consultancy for study in Canada.

There are mushroom consultancies in Kathmandu and claim to be the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal. This is more likely that students get confused about the competitions of Consultancies.

In this regard, we, Goreto Educational Consultancy also justify this statement for the following reasons. Eventually, Goreto leaves it up to students to make out the decision on this matter.

What Makes Goreto The Best Consultancy for Study In Canada?

Goreto is a new consultancy but we have a perfect team of experienced counselors, Expert documents reviewers, Educational Advisors with years of experience. Plus, We are very familiar with finding the right programs for the right students, handling documentation and visa applications.

Our location is prime as we are located in heart of Kathmandu – New Baneshwor. Our contact office in Toronto, Canada has also helped many students to get settled initially. Here, Goreto may seem new consultancy, our expert team, connections with reputed universities and Colleges in Canada.

our entire continuous efforts in updating our staff and counselors about changes of rules and regulations for study in Canada. Therefore, These unique competencies give rise to the title of the best consultancy for study in Canada in Nepal.

ICCC is an Associate

Goreto is associated with International Career Counseling Center ( ICCC). ICCC is a well-known Consultancy, and it has helped 1000 students in achieving their dream to study in Canada from Nepal. Mr. Ram Khadka, the founder is the leader of this organization.

Goreto is an idea of Mr. Ram along with other his ambitious partners. Here, Goreto can exploit vast experience, knowledge, connections, perfect Team in providing the best advice to our students wishing to study in Canada.

Team of Experienced, Expertise and Educated Experts

We have a team of experienced and educated experts. Mr. Ram Khadka is a popular Student advisor living in Canada. Mr. Dhiraj Kandel is a TU graduate in English as a major.

Mr. Ram has great skills in extensive research which helps students in selecting the right programs, Institutions, and other important steps in documentations.

Mr. Prakash Regmi is a graduate of Scandinavian Country Denmark. Prakash has a very outgoing and cheering personality, and will always prioritize students in choosing the best program of their own interest. He also helps students to identify their right career and subject of interest.

This element also adds value in nominating Goreto as the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal.

Goreto has State of the art Office

The organization has its state-of-the-art office in New Baneshwor. We believe we should reflect on our efficiency and reliability through our appearance too.

Plus, We aim to mark New Baneshowr as a student’s Hub because Baneshwor is the junction for students. And it is an attractive place in Kathmandu compared to another area of K Town.

As it has So, our office with a range of facilities for students also adds value to our brand goodwill and reliability to characterize us as the best consultancy for study in Canada in Nepal.

What’s More Important?

Moreover, Canada has a Visa Package Scheme Where you should prove your genuine intention to study in Canada from the relevance of the chosen Program to a well-crafted SOP to the Canadian High Commission.

1. Goreto will firmly guide you throughout the Application Process.

2. Process Now for 2024 Intakes. There are limited seats, and students are advised to apply at least 6 months in advance !!

Study in Canada Clear Steps ( Points to Note )

Step: 1

1. All academic documents from grade 10 to latest degree (Scanned Copies)

2. IELTS Scorecard

3. Passport

4. Work-Experience letter if you have a gap

5. CV

6. Application Fee- $65-$150 CAD (Depends on the colleges)

7. For the issuance of an offer letter, it takes about 2/3 weeks. But it varies from college to college.

Step: 2

Tuition Fee payment to a college for 1 year. (Canadian College requires an advanced payment of tuition fee)- ($14,000 to 17,000 CAD)- Annually (For Post-Graduate Program). Most of the Post-Graduate programs in Canada are 1 year in duration but in order to be qualified for up to 3 years of Post-Graduation Work Permit, students must enroll in 2 years of continuous education.

For that reason, we can apply for a 1-year program while applying from Nepal, and upon graduation from the first program, students can do an additional 1 year of the program while in Canada.

The following Documents are required for a study permit (VISA)

1. Bank Balance Certificate- 40 lacs or we can go for an Educational loan as well.

2. Bank Statement- 4 months(Not mandatory in case of Education loan)

3. Annual Income- 18-22 lacs

4. Property Valuation- 1.5 Crore (House/ Land)

5. Tax Clearance Certificate, Birth C, Address Verification, Relationship Certificate…

6. Recommendation letter (From the last college attended)-2 Letters

7. SOP (Statement of Purpose) ETC,

3. Up to 100% Scholarship for deserving students

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