Study In Canada From Nepal in 2024

Study in Canada from Nepal with one of the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada  as it is an emerging international education hub, where students from all over the world come to study and secure their career. Universities in Canada provide the same level of quality education as compared to other developed nations.

Not only this, the universities in Canada also gain a competitive advantage with a lot lower tuition fees and high standard of living.

Canada has earned its spot as one of the friendliest countries in the world. It is also considered as one of the best places to live and study for overseas students.

Country has the population of 38 million people. It offers a large number of high-quality educational opportunities to foreign students. Canada is a first-world country with suave modern infrastructure and friendly people, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Studying in Canada offers the opportunity to study in a rich cultural environment and a high-quality educational system. Students passionate about their studies have a high chance of succeeding and finding employment in Canada.

So, follow this ultimate guide which will help you to materialize your dream to study in Canada.

Study in Canada From Nepal 2024 `{`A Complete Guide`}`

Why Study In Canada?

Why Study In Canada?

Canada is a progressive North American country. It is famous for its snow-capped mountains, hockey, and the United States of America being its neighbor. The country’s high quality educational opportunities are now making it a popular choice for students from Nepal.

Canada offers many benefits to international students, including lower tuition fees and a safer learning environment.

This makes Canada one of the top countries to provide education and prepare the students for real work experience. The students in Canada can also apply for a permanent residency after successfully completing their degrees.

The Canadian government emphasizes the importance of attracting students to Canada’s universities and colleges. A number of factors have contributed to Canada’s goal of being a world leader in water conservation.

Canada supplies plentiful fresh water, a comfortable population density. It has a comparatively low incidence of violent crime, and an excellent health care system.


The top advantages of studying in Canada are:

1. Inclusive, Supportive Learning Environments

One of the best things about Canada is that they accept students from all parts of the world. Canadian Universities also ensures that they are offered the best treatment during their stay in the country.

They offer all the support and the best learning environment. It makes the students easy to focus on their studies and other learning activities.

2. Excellent Education

The education that is offered in Canadian Universities is top class. Educators are experienced and highly qualified and the curriculum is relevant and sensibly designed.

After completion of your degree you will get a chance to get a post-study work visa. Under this visa, you will be allowed to work under the field which you have studied in University.

3. Safe And Peaceful

Canadian Universities and Canada overall are known to prioritize the safety of international students. Generally, the environment in and around the university area is peaceful.

The main reason behind it is the amazing people of Canada. There is no way that you will feel threatened in this country.

4. Earn While You Learn

Canada as a whole offers you the best opportunities not just academically but also financially. It’s not just about scholarships. You can get a flexible environment in which you can earn while you study at the same time.

So, you can get a work permit and be financially free from your tuition fees. This reduces the financial burden that the students experience to a great extent.

5. Affordable To Live And Study

Canada enjoys an advantage in higher education in that its universities are relatively less expensive. The tuition rates vary depending on the course of study and the university. But most students in Canada end up paying less than they would at other major universities.

What are the Most Popular Courses to Study in Canada?

What are the Most Popular Courses to Study in Canada?

Canada has been attracting international students for decades because of its high quality of life and world-class education institutions.

It has asserted itself as the best country for international students, with its many notable qualities. Due to these reasons, it a leading destination for education.

Canadian universities offer undergraduate, post-graduate and  post-secondary education programs for international students.

Several fields of study courses includes engineering, information technology, business management, pharmacy technician, and hospitality management.

After completion of these courses you will get a post graduation work permit.

Study in Canada from Nepal - Goreto 600x314Canada’s world-class academic institutions are known to produce highly skilled professionals who are in demand globally. Students educated in Canada are preferred by employers throughout the world.

The educations quality in Canada meets all the standards expected by employers in all fields of work. The Canadian education system is also recognized by employers globally for having really high standards. and producing graduates that are ready to face real world challenges.

Best Colleges and Universities in Canada

Best Colleges and Universities in Canada

Canada is a highly developed and affluent nation with advanced education systems which provides quality education to all the students. The study programs offered by the Canadian University is recognized and respected all over the world.

Best colleges and universities in canada


The best colleges and universities in Canada also hold significant global ranks. Since these are the top universities and colleges, it’s quite competitive to apply for admission to them. The selection criteria are unforgiving, and you need to be a really special candidate to be chosen.

Students who want to study in Canada have multiple choices of where they can study. There are more than 90 public universities and colleges in Canada, as well as 150+ private institutions.

The academic year generally consists of two semesters or three terms, depending on the university. International students can study at Canadian institutions year-round, with an opportunity for co-op placements.

In recent years, Canada has become one of the most sought-after countries for higher education for international students. It provides high quality of education with low tuition fees.

The first step towards applying for admission to the top colleges and universities in Canada is knowing their names. So, you need to figure out the top universities which matches your courses with scholarships.

If you are seeking to Study in Canada, then the first and foremost thing is the excellent academic background. Besides it, you need to be active in plenty of extracurricular activities and be fully proficient in English.

For that you can give your English Language Tests like IELTS and TOEFL depending upon your university. Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, there are specific admission requirements for the students.

So, in order to get accepted, you must clearly follow all the documentations properly without leaving a loop hole. It’s best that you check these out on their respective websites before applying there.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Canada From Nepal in 2024?

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Canada From Nepal in 2024?

The Canadian education system has a lot to offer for international students seeking quality higher education abroad.

Total Cost to Study in Canada from Nepal in 2024

Courses for International StudentsAverage annual fees in  CADAverage annual fees in NPR
Undergraduate coursesC$12,000 to 25,000 Per yearNPR  11,52,000 to NPR 24,00,000 Per year average
Postgraduate coursesC$18,000 to $27,000 Per yearNPR 17,28,000 to NPR 25,92,000 Per year average
PhD coursesC$7,000 to $18,000 Per yearNPR 6,72,000 to NPR 17,28,000 Per year average
Master of Business Administration CoursesC$32,000 to $45,000 Per year averageNPR 30,88,320 to NPR 43,42,950 Per year average
Total Cost to Study in Canada from Nepal -AccommodationExpenses (approx) in CAD 

Expenses (approx) in NPR


On-campusC$8,000 – 10,000 per yearNPR 7,68,000 – NPR 9,60,000 per year
Shared apartmentC$300 – 700 per monthNPR 28,800 – NPR 67,200 per month
University- Arranged HomestayC$400 – 800 per monthNPR 38,400 – NPR 76,800 per month
Student ResidenceC$250 – 625 per monthNPR 24,000 – NPR 60,000 per month
Cost of your student permit and visaC$150NPR 14,400
Living expenses in Canada for international studentsExpenses (approx) in NPRExpenses (approx) in NPR
Telephone`C$20 per month.NPR 1,920 per month.
BooksC$250 – 350.NPR 24,000 – NPR 33, 600
Personal ExpensesC$ 300 – 500.NPR 28,800 –  NPR 48,000
Health insurance$600 – $900 per yearNPR 57,600 – NPR 86,400 per year.

** NOTE: The cost provided as near estimates for 2024. Based on inflation and forex currency, these can change and may differ to real costs. Please contact to get updated and current estimates.

As one of the top study destinations in the world, Canada offers excellent study programs from many reputed universities. The price and living accommodations are also relatively low as compared to other countries.

The Cost to Study in Canada for Nepalese students is higher for postgraduate and MBA courses. On average, you will pay somewhere between CA$ 15,000 to CA$30,000 per year* (Cost may vary) as a tuition fee.

However, there are plenty of Canadian scholarships for Nepalese & international students that you can apply for reducing the financial burden.

It’s important to note that this is the average cost to study in Canada. These costs may vary depending on the university and course of study.

For example, studying medicine and engineering can be costly when compared to studying arts or liberal arts. Moreover, living expenses can also add up the total cost of studying in Canada from Nepal.

Most international students are eligible to work part-time while they study in Canada. However, there are some restrictions depending on their visa condition or the subject of their study.

Any international students who is enrolled in a full time university program can do part time jobs legally inside the campus.

Guide to Apply for a Canada Student Visa

Guide to Apply for a Canada Student Visa

Applying for a Canadian student visa requires list of documents which must be submitted to support your visa application. The documentation of your certificates and others financial letters are essential for you to get a study permit.

If you are seeking for a Canadian visa, you must go through a English proficiency test. The results of the tests will only validate whether you are eligible to apply or not.

Probably, it is one of the most challenging obstacle that the students are facing while applying for a visa.

The following process is highly advised for all the students who intend to get a Canadian student visa:

  • Get Initial consultation from Canada Study Visa Experts.
  • Apply to Universities as per your preferred course.
  • Prepare for the IELTS Test
  • Receive Institution Offer Acceptance Letter
  • Pay Tuition Fee
  • Prepare & Lodge Visa Documents
  • Collect Visa Grant Letter
  • Get Pre-Departure Guidance.

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English Proficiency Tests To Study In Canada

English Proficiency Tests To Study In Canada

It is no secret that the world’s leading institutions favor English as the medium of instruction. In fact, all the international applicants must score at least a lower score to qualify for the programs.

There are international students who take up IELTS because their universities expect to see a minimum IELTS score. So, fulfilling the university requirements is their foremost priority. Similarly, there are others who take up IELTS for their own sake to improve their English language proficiency.

If you are seeking a Canadian student visa, you must obtain at least a lowest score as specified by the university. The minimum IELTS score is 6.5 (with no bands lower than 6.0 )
or TOEFL iBT score is 88 with no less than 20 or PTE score is 60 with no less than 45. It may vary depending on your university and course selection.

So, let’s make it simpler for you to choose the right English language proficiency test. It will certainly help you make the most out of your study abroad experience!

Scholarships to Study in Canada from Nepal

Scholarships to Study in Canada from Nepal

In general, Nepali students who want to get a study permit in Canada look for scholarship opportunities. It is good news for them that there are many different kinds of scholarships available to international students.

There is a broad range of scholarships available at universities and colleges across Canada to support many international students.

A scholarship to study in Canada provides Nepalese students with a huge financial relief. It’s essential to collect information about different scholarships provided to the students before applying to Canadian Universities.

Furthermore, the Canadian government, public and private establishments offer a lot of scholarships, grants and bursaries. Be sure to check out the criteria of every scholarship before applying.

A good academic score is generally a requirement. But it may also depend on factors such as the chosen destination, subject, and level of course. Some scholarships may also consider other social activities and volunteering.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much GPA is required for study in Canada from Nepal?

To study in Canada, it’s generally advisable to aim for a GPA of 2.8 or above, which is approximately equivalent to 60%. While some institutions may consider students with lower academic performance, achieving this GPA threshold provides more opportunities for program choices and admission to a wider range of schools and courses. It’s essential to research the specific admission requirements of your preferred Canadian institutions, as criteria may vary among schools and programs.

What is the age limit for a Canada student visa? 

In Canada, there is typically no specific age limit for international students who wish to pursue higher education. However, when it comes to the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, which includes options like working holiday visas, the age limit often falls within the range of 18 to 35 years, or sometimes 18 to 29 or 30, depending on the specific IEC category. This program is designed for young adults to gain work and travel experiences in Canada. It’s important to distinguish between these age limits, as they apply to different types of experiences and visas for international individuals in Canada.

Is Canada a good destination for Nepalese students?

Canada is indeed a highly favored destination for Nepali students seeking higher education. The country is renowned for its top-tier educational institutions, a diverse and inclusive society, a safe and peaceful environment, and numerous avenues for personal and professional development. These factors collectively contribute to Canada’s appeal as a preferred destination for Nepali students aspiring to pursue their higher education goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much GPA is required for study in Canada from Nepal?
How much bank balance is required for a Canada student visa from Nepal?
What is the age limit for a Canada student visa?
Is Canada a good destination for Nepalese students?