Reasons Why Your Canada Student Visa Was Rejected & Ways You Can Fix It!

Its a pain when your dream and plans to study in Canada and building prosperous career are shattered. All it takes to bring this dream house down is a visa refusal letter from the Canadian immigration authorities. Instead of aspirations you are left with many questions. And first of this question is always – Why was my student visa rejected? 

There can be a multitude of factors in rejecting your student visa for Canada. Honestly there can be many. What we have below are some of the top reasons for which student visas are rejected. We can provide a near accurate assesment of the reason based on the review of your documents, if the reasons below dont tick any boxes for you. 

1. Not Including a Letter of Acceptance:

If you submit your study permit application without including LOA, you will get your application rejected. Before you apply for a visa, you must obtain a letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian host school on the designated learning institutions list.

Right Institution, the right program, the right timing of submission of application double the chance of study permit accepted. We have found some cases where Nepalese students get study permits rejected not recognizing minor applications errors.

2. Financial Reason:

As part of the Canadian visa application process, applicants must submit a bank certificate or bank statement along with annual income verification and property valuation certificate to make sure that you can cover your prospective study, travel, living and other expenses in Canada.

Failing to submit sufficient and appropriate documents of Finance will weaken your application.

3. Failure to Leave the Country at the End of Your Studies

You must convince visa officers from all prospects that you will return to your homeland after completion of your study. You must stipulate in the SOP that you have a strong connection to your country and you will eventually get back to your nation.

The visa officer must trust that you will return to your country of residence by the end of your authorized stay.

Previous travel history, family ties in Canada and your country of residence, and the purpose of your visit could all potentially cause a visa officer to suspect you may overstay your visa and reject your application.

Other grounds for rejection include your immigration status in your country of residence, financial status, or previous history in Canada.

4. Issues With Travel or Identity Documents

If you have issues with your Travel documents on your Passport such as Spelling Errors, Contradicts of Information, your application will most likely get rejected.

Therefore Submit all of the appropriate and correct documentation and make sure that you revise several times before you submit and sometimes you must do yourself against consultancy that you work with.

5. Academic Performance

Academic Performance with a combination of uneven grades, too many backlogs, and irrelevant academic history to your prospective program coupled with low IELTS (6.5 not less than 6) or equivalent English test score, visa officer who looks into your application, may question your academic credential and ultimately refuse your study permit.


The writer of this article Dhiraj Kandel, is a Senior Student Advisor & Counsellor at Goreto Educational Consultancy, New Baneshwor.  He is an expert on Canada Study Permit Application process and has in-depth knowledge about how the Canada student visa programs. Get in touch with today to discuss why your student visa was rejected and what is the process ahead to get you back in the line.