Actor Rajesh Hamal: Brand Ambassador for Goreto Consultancy

In an exciting development, renowned actor Rajesh Hamal has officially become the brand ambassador for Goreto Consultancy, a leading institution known for facilitating studies in Canada. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both parties involved, promising to bring about positive changes in the realm of education and social responsibility.

Rajesh Hamal’s appointment as the brand ambassador of Goreto Consultancy underscores the institution’s commitment to excellence and credibility. With his widespread popularity and influence, Hamal is poised to amplify the consultancy’s reach and impact, particularly among aspiring students seeking opportunities abroad.

Dhiraj Kandel, the managing director of Goreto Consultancy, expressed utmost delight in welcoming Rajesh Hamal aboard. Having admired Hamal since childhood, Kandel sees this partnership as a testament to the consultancy dedicated to fostering meaningful collaborations with esteemed individuals.

A recent highlight of this partnership was the unveiling of a traffic alert TV advertisement featuring Rajesh Hamal. This initiative, aimed at promoting traffic awareness, reflects Goreto Consultancy’s commitment to social responsibility. Kandel is confident that Hamal’s portrayal in the advertisement will resonate strongly with the audience, effectively conveying the importance of road safety.

Renowned educational consultant Ram Khadka, known for his expertise in facilitating studies in Canada, commended Goreto Consultancy’s proactive approach towards social awareness initiatives. Khadka believes that such endeavors play a crucial role in fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability among citizens.

Prakash Regmi, a counselor at Goreto Consultancy, expressed enthusiasm following the collaboration with Rajesh Hamal. He emphasized the recent policy modifications in Canada, aimed at enhancing the experience of international students. Regmi encouraged Nepali youth to seize the opportunity to pursue higher education in Canada, citing Hamal as an exemplary figure who pursued international studies.

Canada’s recent policy changes have been geared towards providing a conducive environment for international students. These modifications aim to ensure a smoother transition and a more enriching experience for students pursuing education in Canada. Such initiatives align closely with Goreto Consultancy’s mission of facilitating seamless educational opportunities for Nepali students. 

In light of evolving global dynamics, Prakash Regmi urged Nepali youth to broaden their horizons by seeking international education experiences. He emphasized the transformative impact of studying abroad and encouraged students to return to Nepal equipped with knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s development. 

Rajesh Hamal’s journey serves as a source of inspiration for countless individuals aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. His personal and professional achievements underscore the transformative power of education and the importance of leveraging opportunities to create a positive impact.


  1. How did Rajesh Hamal become the brand ambassador for Goreto Consultancy?

Rajesh Hamal was appointed as the brand ambassador for Goreto Consultancy following an agreement between him and the consultancy’s management. His extensive popularity and influence, combined with his alignment with the consultancy’s values and objectives, led to this strategic partnership.

  1. What is the significance of Rajesh Hamal’s association with Goreto Consultancy?

Rajesh Hamal’s association with Goreto Consultancy is significant on multiple levels. Firstly, it enhances the consultancy’s brand visibility and credibility, leveraging Hamal’s reputation and fan base. Secondly, it reinforces Goreto Consultancy’s commitment to excellence and quality in its services.

  1. How does Rajesh Hamal contribute to Goreto Consultancy’s initiatives?

As the brand ambassador, Rajesh Hamal actively participates in Goreto Consultancy’s initiatives, including promotional campaigns, social responsibility projects, and educational outreach programs. His involvement adds star power to the consultancy’s endeavors, garnering greater attention and engagement from the audience.

  1. What impact does Rajesh Hamal’s endorsement have on Goreto Consultancy’s reputation?

Rajesh Hamal’s endorsement significantly boosts Goreto Consultancy’s reputation in the market. His association lends credibility and prestige to the consultancy, making it a preferred choice for students seeking guidance and assistance for studying abroad, particularly in Canada.

  1. How does Rajesh Hamal’s partnership benefit both him and Goreto Consultancy?

The partnership between Rajesh Hamal and Goreto Consultancy is mutually beneficial. For Hamal, it provides an opportunity to align himself with a reputable institution and contribute to meaningful initiatives. For Goreto Consultancy, it translates into increased visibility, enhanced credibility, and greater outreach, ultimately leading to business growth and expansion opportunities.