IELTS Requirement For Canada Student Visa – Are You Eligible?

ielts required for canada study

Canada is the North American country where English is one of the major language. If you are planning to Study in Canada from Nepal then you need to show your proficiency levels in the English language. So, it is possible by giving an English proficiency Tests. Thus, it is mandatory for every international students to prove their level of English fluency before being granted a student visa to study in Canada.

For this purpose, students can prove their English proficiency in Canada to check if you are eligible to study in Canada by submitting the IELTS scores, along with other academic documents required. The higher the score the higher will be your chance to get enrolled in a Canadian university. Therefore, including IELTS on your list of requirements is essential when applying for a student visa in Canada. Goreto Education, the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada study, can guide you through the process to ensure a successful application.

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Is IELTS Requirement For Canada Student Visa Different?

Is IELTS Requirement For Canada Student Visa Different?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test to measure English language proficiency. It is a globally recognized test that determines the English communication skills of international students.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is owned and conducted by IDP Education Australia, the British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

If you want to study or work in Canada, or if you want to migrate here and become a permanent resident, you must be able to prove your proficiency in the English language. You will need your IELTS Canada scores to prove that you have the English language skills necessary for study, work or migration to Canada.

Students who wish to study or work abroad in Canada needs to take IELTS test. IELTS results are graded from 1 to 9, where 1 is the lowest score and 9 is the highest score. There is no pass or fail system for IELTS.

Generally, this tests have four sections; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The final score is calculated by evaluating all the four section of the IELTS.

The overall IELTS score for Canada is 6.0 or above which may vary from university to university. So, it is your IELTS band score which will determine your university admission to Canada.

These sample tables give you an idea on how the IELTS score is calculated:


Sample: 1


WritingSpeakingReadingListeningAverage ÷ 4Overall Band Score


Sample: 2


WritingSpeakingReadingListeningAverage ÷ 4Overall Band Score


Note: Yes, there is an IELTS requirement for Canada student visa but there is also something you must know about. The requirements vary from university to university in Canada.

IELTS Requirements For Top 10 Canadian Universities

IELTS Requirements For Top Ten Canadian Universities

For the English Language proficiency test results, the requirements may from university to university. Many of the top colleges and universities in Canada have set their own requirements.

Each of these universities has its own quirks and variations. Although different universities have different requirements for admission, but a rough estimate of IELTS band requirement is overall 6 bands.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ Global Top 200 gives information about the top ten universities for which a student visa is required to study in Canada. The IELTS eligibility criteria for each of the top ten universities is also given as follows:


Names of UniversitiesWorld RankMinimum IELTS Band Score
University of Toronto216.5
University of British Columbia376.5
McGill University446.5
McMaster University776.5
University of Alberta1326.5
Brandon University24216.5
Bishop’s University26436.5
Canadian Mennonite University41846.5
Cape Breton University27156.5
St. Mary’s University16116.5
How To Crack IELTS To Study In Canada?

How To Crack IELTS To Study In Canada?

The IELTS score requirement for a student visa to Canada requires rigorous preparation and achievement. You can improve your IELTS skills by reading IELTS preparation books and by enrolling in IELTS coaching classes.

The following are a few tips to help you pass your IELTS exam and qualify for a Canada student visa.

1. Know The Structure

One of the most important things before taking IELTS classes is to make sure that you are confident enough to take the exam. You need to be confident when you are getting ready to take the exam because it will help in making your performance easier and better. There are many tips that can help you prepare well before taking IELTS classes. So, you should know about the structure of the tests.

It is important for you to know that IELTS is conducted only in the English language. The exam is designed to test your English knowledge, including writing, and speaking. However, it is not necessary that you know the English language; it is necessary that you have a good grasp of the language that you want to cover IELTS.

2. Take The Mock Test

The IELTS mock tests are a simulation of the real IELTS test. The practice papers help you to be familiar with the test format and improve your test-taking skills. The practice papers consist of a complete set of IELTS tests, listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

It is essential to take the mock test to make sure that you are ready for the examination. Taking Mock Tests helps aspirants to improve their IELTS band scores. So, keep practicing the latest exam pattern. From the mock test papers, understand the structure and grading pattern, and note important details until the entire structure and format become clear to you.

3. Speak To Someone Fluent In English

To improve English speaking, the best thing to do is to talk with a native speaker. If you’re not getting enough speaking practice, it can be hard to make real progress in your fluency.

However, rather than practicing yourself, try speaking to someone fluent in English. Speaking in English will make you confident and you will slowly feel comfortable speaking in English. Make sure you speak to someone who can give you feedback and help in where you need improvements.

4. Listen To Audio Clips

The best way to crack IELTS is to listen to different English audio clips online. There are plenty of websites that provide free English audio clips to practice you’re speaking and listening skills. These sites include IELTS podcast, VOA, English Central and so on.

By listening to different English audio clips, you can be familiar with the different types of English accents and tones. Additionally, listening to English news, interviews and commercials will also help boost your IELTS band score.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa From Nepal?

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa From Nepal?

The IELTS test has become an essential part of the immigration process in Canada. Whether you are planning to study, work or live in the country, you will have to take an IELTS test. The IELTS requirement for Canada student visa varies according to the province or university that you are applying.

Your overall score must be at least 6.5 as per the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). For admission into undergraduate courses (except medicine and dentistry), your overall band score must be at least 6.5 with no less than 6.0 in each module. For the postgraduate degree, your score must be at least 6.5 with no less than 6 in each module. The IELTS requirement for MBA in Canada is overall 7 with no less than 6 in each module.

It is important to qualify for and meet certain requirements for the student visa to apply to Canada. If you are not sure about how to proceed, you can consult a Canadian education consultancy in Nepal like Goreto Educational Consultancy.

Our services do not only teach you the process of applying for a student visa, but we also help you through all the steps. Below are some things to know when applying for a student visa in Canada.

  • Valid Passport: To begin with, you must have a valid passport that covers the entire duration of your intended stay in Canada.
  • Choose a university: Choose a university of Canada that fits your desire course. Then only, send an application to the university, mentioning the course you are intending to study.
  • Receive the Acceptance Letter: The college or university that you applied for will send you an acceptance letter if they accept your application.
  • Apply for a Study Visa: The Canadian student visa application process begins after you receive your acceptance letter.
  • Prove You Have Enough Funds to Pay: Then, you will have to show proof that you can afford tuition fees and living expenses in Canada.
  • Pass IME Test: Once you have passed the medical test, you will have to go through an Immigration Medical Examination (IME).
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME): It is one of the major requirements to study in Canada. A Canadian immigration medical examination is mandatory for students, and once you pass the exam, you are one step closer to getting into Canada.
  • Convince Immigration Officer: You have to convince the immigration officer that you will not stay in Canada after your graduation.

After completing all these steps, you are ready to go further in Canada.

Top Ten Universities In Canada Accepting IELTS Score 6

Top Ten Universities In Canada Accepting IELTS Score 6

There are several Canadian universities that will accept an IELTS band score of 6.  Few of the university accepts band score 5.5. This is one of the minimum IELTS score required for admission.  For instance, the University of Calgary accepts a minimum IELTS band score of 5.5, while the University of Manitoba accepts a minimum band score of 5.75

The top ten universities that accepts the IELTS score for 6 are given below:


Names of UniversitiesWorld RankMinimum IELTS Band Score
Algoma University826
HEC Montréal10546
Niagara College72766
Nipissing University21896
University of Lethbridge12786
Vancouver Island University46386
Kwantlen Polytechnic University50686
College of New Caledonia26736
Concordia University6706
Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology98945.5


There are also some Canadian universities that accept your PTE score for admission. PTE is an English test that’s quite like IELTS. The minimum PTE score for a Canada student visa for a bachelor’s degree and  Graduate Diploma course is 88.

If you want to know more about the fees & expenses click – Cost to study in Canada.

Processing Time For Student Visa In Canada

Processing Time For Student Visa In Canada

If you are wondering how long it takes for a student visa to be processed in Canada, don’t worry! We have the answer for you as well. Once you have applied for a study permit, it takes up to 90 days. Student visas typically arrive earlier than 90 days from the application stage.

Is there any other way to get a Canadian study permit faster?

There is a Student Direct Stream program that can be used to get your student visa faster. It allows international students to speed up the process of getting a student visa in Canada. Student Direct Stream allows you to get your student visa within 4 to 6 weeks.

Currently, the Student Direct Stream service is not available to Nepalese students, but it is only Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Moroccan, and Vietnamese students.

Therefore, the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada has always turned out to be helpful for those opting to study in Canada from Nepal. We guide students in every process so that they could pursue their studies in Canada and get a great career.

We are focused on helping students from Nepal find the right universities and colleges, through visa applications. Established in Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Goreto Educational Consultancy has been serving students to achieve their goals for more than a decade.

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