Top 5 Consultancy In Nepal For Canada 2024

A consultancy is important while planning to study in Canada. They provide important information about courses and colleges, guide through the application process, give visa guidance, help get ready for visa interviews, offer exam preparations for tests like IELTS or TOEFL, offer pre-flight support, and give post-arrival support. 

The best consultancy in Nepal for studying  in Canada will have detailed information about different institutions and programs, guaranteeing that you have the most support to accomplish your academic goals. By picking the best consultancy in Nepal for studying in Canada, you can guarantee that you have the most ideal help to accomplish your academic goals.

Why Study In Canada?

Canada is a progressive country known for snow-capped mountains, hockey, and being America’s neighbor; attracting Nepalese students with quality education. Canada is a top choice for Nepalese students due to affordable tuition, safety, practical training, and potential for permanent residency.

Canada promotes student attraction to its institutions, aiming to become a water conservation leader. Canada is famous for abundant water, low crime, great healthcare, and a comfortable population density.

Canada accepts international students and provides them with excellent treatment, support, and a peaceful learning environment for their studies. Canadian Universities offer top-class education with experienced and highly qualified educators, relevant curriculum, and post-study work visa opportunities.

Canadian universities and Canada prioritize the safety of international students, creating a peaceful environment with amazing people. Canada provides excellent academic and financial opportunities, allowing students to earn while studying, and reducing the burden of tuition fees. Canadian universities offer relatively affordable tuition rates, making higher education accessible to students compared to other universities.

How to Choose the Best Consultancy for Canada in Nepal? 

For Nepalese students looking for high-quality education and employment opportunities, Canada is a popular destination. However, It can be very difficult to find the best consultants that guide you through the difficulties that you may  face while studying abroad in Canada.  In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 Consultancy in Nepal for Canada, along with  the most important things look to study in Canada:

1. Reputation and Track Record 

To find a trustworthy consultancy, you should check its online reputation through reviews and feedback from students. Seek honest opinions from friends, family, or schoolmates who have used the consultancy before. 

Consider how long the consultancy has been in operation, and look for any awards or recognition it has received. A consultancy with a strong reputation and track record can be relied upon to provide excellent service and support in achieving your study goals.

2. Experience and Expertise 

Choosing an experienced consultancy is crucial for a smooth application process. Look for one with several years of experience in the field, as they will have dealt with various situations. 

It’s also important to select a consultancy that specializes in sending students to Canada, as they will possess detailed knowledge about specific requirements, deadlines, and the best schools. 

Additionally, ensure that the consultants are qualified and knowledgeable, as they can provide better advice and guidance. With an experienced and expert consultancy, you receive improved support, avoiding mistakes and streamlining the process.

3. Range of Services Offered 

A decent consultancy ought to offer different services to help you through your journey.  They give counseling to assist you with picking the right course and college according to your interest and academic background. They additionally help with applications, directing you through form filling, individual statement writing, and document gathering. 

Also, they offer visa guidance, setting you up for meetings and assisting with documentation. The consultancy ought to likewise give test preparation for exams  like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or GRE. 

They offer pre-takeoff and post-appearance support, tips related to  methods for packing, adjusting to a new environment, and finding accommodation. Picking a consultancy with such services guarantees you have support at each step.

4. Partnerships with Canadian Institutions 

Checking whether a consultancy has partnerships with Canadian institutions is significant for many  factors. These partnerships show that the consultancy is trusted by Canadian universities and colleges, which addresses their reputation and exclusive expectations. 

Also, partnerships can smooth out your application process,  as the consultancy can discuss  with the universities, possibly speeding your application and increasing  your possibilities of acceptance. Moreover, consultancies with partnerships might offer exceptional arrangements, for example, application expense waivers, grants, or different advantages. 

Moreover, the consultancy will have up-to-date information on courses, necessities, and cutoff times, empowering you to settle on informed choices, courses, requirements, and deadlines, enabling you to make informed decisions. 

These organizations can furnish you with a more extensive scope of program and school choices, upgrading your opportunities for tracking down the best fit for your education.  Eventually, picking a consultancy with solid partnerships with Canadian establishments guarantees smoother processes, better information, and more opportunities.

5. Success Stories and Alumni Network 

Looking at the success stories of a consultancy can give you an idea of how many students they have helped, indicating their competence. It is advisable to ask the consultancy for examples of students who have successfully gone to Canada, as this will increase your confidence in their ability to assist you. 

Additionally, check if the consultancy has an alumni network, which consists of former students who can provide valuable advice and support. A consultancy with these elements demonstrates their commitment to your long-term success and offers a supportive community throughout your journey.

6. Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Support 

Consider the pre-departure and post-arrival support provided by a consultancy to make your transition to studying in Canada smoother. Pre-departure support includes information on what to pack, the climate, and necessary documents. 

They can also help you understand Canadian culture. Pre-departure orientation sessions teach about living, transportation, banking, and safety. Post-arrival support helps you settle in, find accommodation, and complete local registration. 

The consultancy can connect you with student groups to make friends and offer advice. Reliable support ensures you’re not alone and can focus on your studies and new experiences.

List Of Top 5 Best Consultancy In Nepal For Canada

Here is a list of the top 10 consultancy in Nepal for Canada. They provide excellent services and have experienced experts to guide students.

  1. Goreto Education Consultancy
  2. Goreto Education Consultancy Chitwan
  3. Goreto Education Consultancy Tandi
  4. Goreto Education Consultancy Itahari
  5. Goreto Education Consultancy Kumaripati

1. Goreto Educational Consultancy 

Goreto Educational Consultancy in Nepal’s New Baneshwor area is renowned for its counseling services on studying in Canada. With over a decade of experience, their team aims to establish New Baneshwor as an exceptional educational hub. 

Goreto serves as a trustworthy bridge between Nepalese students and colleges/universities, ensuring students feel confident and well-informed. Through extensive research, Goreto provides comprehensive information on scholarships, the top colleges/universities, and suitable programs, making it the go-to consultancy for Nepalese students looking to study in Canada.

2. Goreto Educational Consultancy Chitwan

Goreto Educational Consultancy in Chitwan is a prestigious consultancy that helps students who want to study abroad, especially in Canada. At Goreto, they give personalized guidance based  on your interest and  academic background, assisting you with choosing the proper course and universities in Canada. 

Their accomplished experts guide you  through the application process, supporting form completion, personal statement writing, and document planning to upgrade your chances of coming out on top. Besides, Goreto offers visa guidance, supporting document preparation  and visa interview practice, and furthermore gives test preparation services  to exams like IELTS or TOEFL. 

Moreover, they offer pre-take off support and continuous help with Canada, helping with convenience search and interfacing with nearby student groups.  By picking Goreto, you get supportive help all through your journey,  assisting you with understanding your dreams about studying in Canada.

3. Goreto Educational Consultancy  Tandi

Goreto Educational Consultancy in Tandi is a good decision for students keen on studying abroad in Canada. They give personalized counseling, taking into account your interests, goals, and academic background to help you choose the right course and university. 

With experienced experts  directing you through the application process, Goreto guarantees your application stands out and expands your possibilities of acceptance. They additionally offer visa guidance, helping you in preparing the necessary documents and preparing for your visa interview.  

They additionally offer pre-takeoff support, assisting you with feeling confident  and be ready for your new journey in Canada. When you arrive, they keep on supporting you by helping you find accommodations and connecting  you with other Nepalese students. With Goreto, you get  help from the  beginning to end, guaranteeing your dream about studying  in Canada turns into a reality.

4. Goreto Educational Consultancy Itahari

Goreto Educational Consultancy in Itahari is a trusted place for students wishing to study  in Canada. They give personalized guidance, considering your interest, goals, and academic background to assist you with picking the right course and universities. 

With broad experience, the team at Goreto guides you through the application process, guaranteeing that forms are finished accurately, individual statements are strong, and all important documents  are gathered.They also offer excellent visa guidance, assisting with document preparation and interview practice. 

Furthermore, Goreto provides test preparation classes for exams like IELTS and TOEFL, offering study materials and practice tests. They also offer pre-departure support, giving important information and guidance for adjusting to life in Canada. 

Even after arriving in Canada, Goreto continues to support you, helping you find accommodation and connecting you with fellow Nepali students. By choosing Goreto, you receive comprehensive support throughout your journey towards studying in Canada.

5. Goreto Educational Consultancy  Kumaripati

Goreto Educational  Consultancy in Kumaripati is a popular consultancy for students who want to study  in Canada. They offer personalized guidance according to your interests and academic background. 

Their accomplished team assists you with the whole application process, including filling out forms, writing individual statements, and collecting important documents. Goreto likewise gives great visa guidance, assisting you with documents and practice for your visa interview. 

They offer test planning classes for tests like IELTS and TOEFL, giving study materials and practice tests. Furthermore, they offer pre-takeoff backing and keep on helping  you after you arrive  in Canada, assisting you to find correct housing and associate with other Nepali students. Goreto is committed to assisting you with accomplishing your dream about studying in Canada.

While planning  to study in Canada, choosing the right consultancy is important. Thus Top 10 consultancy in Nepal for Canada 2024 have been chosen due to  their experience, expertise, and range of services.

These consultancies have a good track record  of assisting students with accomplishing their dreams about studying abroad. Picking a top consultancy gives personalized counseling, assistance in the application process, and help with gathering necessary documents.

They likewise offer superb visa guidance, including practice meetings for visa interviews. Many give test preparation classes to tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Pre-takeoff support is additionally given, including information about packing, arrival expectations, and adjusting to life in Canada.


  1. Which consultancy is best for Canada in Nepal?

Goreto consultancy, Goreto consultancy Tandi, Goreto consultancy Itahari, Goreto consultancy Kumaripati, Goreto consultancy Chitwan are with in  the top 10  consultancy in Nepal for Canada. Goreto serves as a trustworthy bridge between Nepalese students and colleges/universities, ensuring students feel confident and well-informed.

  1. Which is the best consultancy for Canada in Tandi, Chitwan Nepal?

Goreto consultancy Tandi is the best consultancy in Tandi, Chitwan Nepal. They give personalized counseling, taking into account your interests, goals, and academic background to help you choose the right course and university. 

  1. Which is the most trusted consultancy for Canada in Nepal?

Goreto consultancy, Goreto consultancy Tandi, Goreto consultancy Itahari, Goreto consultancy Kumaripati, Goreto consultancy Chitwan are  the most trusted  consultancy for Canada in Nepal. Through extensive research, Goreto provides comprehensive information on scholarships, the top colleges/universities, and suitable programs, making it the go-to consultancy for Nepalese students looking to study in Canada.

  1. How much does it Cost to study in Canada?

Canada offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses with varying tuition fees depending on the institution. Scholarships are available to support international students. Tuition for colleges and universities in Canada can range from CAD 7,000 to CAD 29,000 per year. Humanities, education, and arts disciplines tend to be more affordable. Programs like medicine and engineering have higher tuition fees.