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As one of the best educational consultancies in Itahari for Canada, we offer end-to-end study counselling services to students aspiring to study in Canada. We focus exclusively on Canada as one of the best destinations for Nepalese students to pursue their dream for higher studies.

Canada Course Counseling

We are a team of expert Canada education consultants with over a decade of experience in guiding students to find & choose courses that they are passionate about and have higher employability rate in Canada.

Documentation Assistance

Prepare spotless documentation on time and without toiling much with the expert advice and guidelines from our counsellors.

Post Arrival Arrangements

Disembark your flight in confidence and assurity that representatives from our Canada Consultancy office at Ontario, Canada will make your post arrival arrangements in Canada.

Visa Application Processing

We are regarded as the best consultancy in Nepal also because of the extent of support we provide to ensure that your applications are submitted on exact time, with the exact details. And that there is no room for error.

Pre-departure Guidelines

Prepare yourself for the college, classes, locality, culture, and the geography before you depart through our counsellors in Kathmandu & Ontario.

Settlement Counseling

Canada is great country to study, work and live your life. If you have fallen in love, like so many others, we offer guidance to help you settle there.

Best Universities & Colleges in Canada

We Work With Best Colleges & Universities

Offering High In Demand Courses

Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world and offer a wide range of programs to choose from. As one of the best consultancies in Nepal for Canada, we are country partners with some of them that offer specialized diplomas, advanced diplomas and PG programs. With our extensive knowledge about our partner and non-partner universities, we assist students in choosing courses and programs that suit their personal and career choices. Location of the university, areas of specialties they offer, employability of those programs and courses, academic and living costs are some of the factors that affect students’ ability to choose the best for them. As specialists, our counsellors help you navigate the complex and overwhelming choices and choose the one that ticks off all the boxes.

Choose from the world’s top universities & colleges

Make Your Dream Come True

How We Work

Structured & Thoroughly Vetted Study Abroad Process


Counselling Services

We understand your abilities and aspirations and weigh them against your achievements to assess your eligibility for various courses.


Identifying Course & Institution

Based on your eligibility & your career aspirations we assist you selecting course and academic institutions in Canada that fit into your requirement.


Application Processing

Our Canadian student visa specialists work with you in preparing all the required documents to support your visa application and lodge it on your behalf.


Pre & Post Departure Assistance

Once your visa comes across, we assist in preparing for your flight, make necessary arrangements in Canada for pick up & accommodation.

About Us

Goreto Educational Consultancy is pleased to announce the opening of its new branch in Itahari, Nepal. Our consultancy is widely recognized as one of the best in the country for providing end-to-end study counseling services to students who aspire to study in Canada. With the opening of our new branch in Itahari, we are now even better positioned to help students in this region achieve their dreams of studying in Canada.

At our consultancy, we understand that studying abroad can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s why we provide comprehensive counseling services tailored to each student’s needs. Our experienced team of consultants is highly knowledgeable about the Canadian education system. Our dedicated counselors and visa specialists help fulfill your dream of pursuing higher education in Canada.

Professional counseling

High Visa Success

Hassle Free Processing

World-class Degrees

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High Employability Rates

Why Goreto?

#1 Educational Consultancy in Itahari

Proven Success in Abroad Studies

Choosing the right consultancy is crucial if you’re a Nepalese student looking to gain an international-standard education by studying abroad. There are many consultancies in Itahari and across Nepal, but if you want to learn in Canada, one consultancy stands out: Goreto.

Goreto is the best educational consultancy in Itahari for Canadian studies, focusing on helping Nepalese students achieve their dreams of studying in Canada. With over 30 years of combined experience, our team of expert consultants has helped countless students find the right course for their personality, academic interests, and career goals. When you work with Goreto, you can be sure that we’ll do everything possible to get you the desired results. Our super focus on Canada and our results have helped us establish ourselves as the best consultancy in Nepal for Canadian studies.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Student Counselled

We have counselled over 30,000 students and counting and assisted to understand what it takes to study in Canada.


Academic Partners

We collaborate with over 71 academic and non-academic institutions in Canada as part of our study in Canada mission.

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Students have unique interests and inclination to pursue. We assist you to choose from over 190 academic courses to study in Canada.

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Accredited Tutoring Services

Rogina BistaFanshawe College, London
Dr suvesh Kumar ShresthaUniversity of Ottawa
rijul karki lambton college
Rijul KarkiLambton College, Toronto
Sabita ChhengutalaGeorgian College, Barrie
I have found Goreto as a path leading consultancy. From the first date of entry to till date of visa approval they have continuously supported and have guided me in every step. Though we have got many consultancies for Canada, I have found this one as the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal. As a counsellor, Mr. Satish Bhatta has a great experience He has guided me from the very first stage of choosing the best college Le, FANSHAWE with the relatable course BIM to all the processes of proper documentation. Also, as we all know the most important for visa approval is SOP. The SOP expert Mr. Dhiraj Kandel helped and finalized it with continuous support. To get success we need to be clear with our objectives so, If you are thinking of Canada, I suggest you go to Goreto Consultancy for once.
My overall experience with Goreto was excellent. I found all the staff very professional and helpful. Senior Advisor, Mr. Dhiraj has excellent knowledge regarding the Canadian education system, overall visa process and he is very dedicated. With the expertise within Goreto, my entire family has received a Visa. I and my family is grateful to Goreto. For me Goreto is the best education consultancy for any student seeking to study in Canada.
One of the best education consultancy in Kathmandu for Canada from where I got positive & welcoming feeling! Being a student far away from Kathmandu, it was really hard to trust and find the perfect team to help me out. However, from a total confused student to receiving visa just after 1.5 months of lodging it, the entire journey with this highly professional team was worth everything. Give Goreto team a try, you would definitely not regret it!
One of the best educational consultancy for Study Permit in Canada. I would like to highly recommend this consultancy for higher studies in Canada. I am very grateful to Mr. Dhiraj Kandel and the entire team for the support and genuine counselling.

Meet Our Team

Prakash Regmi

PG, International Business Management (Denmark)

Co-ordinator PG

Dhiraj Kandel

M.A in English, Tribhuwan University

Sr. Student Advisor

Ram Khadka

Master in Electrical Engineering, Pulchowk Campus

Sr. Student Advisor

Satish Bhatta

Master in Economics ( TU)

Sr. Advisor

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