Hurry Up And Grab The Opportunity To Study MS In Canada

Studying MS in Canada is the best thing you can do for your career. It adds an edge to your experience and provides you with an opportunity to study in such a safe and peaceful country.

Not only do you get to study in Canada from Nepal but also gain job prospects from most of the big companies that operate in Canada and sometimes in other parts of the world as well. But with so many universities offering MS courses, how will you know which one is best for you? That’s where we step in; we have analyzed all the top MS degree programs that a student can study in Canada.

It is quite natural for a student who has completed his/her education to undertake a degree that is known internationally and will increase the chances of obtaining work in their preferred field. This is where MS in Canada program comes in handy as it offers you with globally recognized degrees and complete flexibility and convenience to study.

Since most of the highly-reputed universities offer MS programs they also offer similar programs after your graduation by becoming a part-time student. Many students choose to pursue their Masters Degrees and do so with an ambition to get specific skills, knowledge and opportunities that are not available in any other undergraduate curriculum.

For those who know nothing about what it is like to study MS in Canada, here we from the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada – Goreto has an ultimate guide to study MS in Canada.

So, let’s get started!

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Why Study MS in Canada?

Why Study MS in Canada?

In today’s digital world, there are a lot of alternative options to study. However, international students choose to study Master of Science in Canada specifically. It is one of the most popular programs and you must be curious enough to know why it is so popular among them. Below, we are mentioning 10 major reasons to study MS in Canada.

  1. Canada is renowned for its outstanding academic excellence. All 13 provinces of Canada are full of world-class universities for a Master’s of Science (MS) program.
  2. To study MS in Canada for international students is very affordable than in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  3. In addition to the tuition fees, the accommodation and transportation costs are also very cheap in Canada.
  4. Universities in Canada provide internship opportunities that help students gain industry experience.
  5. MS degrees from Canada are recognized globally which is a key factor to boost career opportunities.
  6. Both the admission and the Visa process for Canada are pretty simple than for other countries.
  7. International students easily get 2 to 4 years of work permit in Canada and can work and earn while studying in Canada.
  8. Most of the universities in Canada conduct on-campus placements after the completion of the program.
  9. As Canada offers immigration possibilities, international students can apply for Canadian citizenship to become a PR.
  10. Canada is one of the safest countries with a stable environment for education where students can get a quality living standard.
Popular Specializations To Study MS In Canada

Popular Specializations To Study MS In Canada

Master of Science students study advanced research in a particular field and are qualified to teach at the college level or perform research as visiting professors. This type of program is usually an Canada student visa requirement for doctoral programs, a good preparation for those who want to pursue further education.

The MS is a postgraduate degree and mainly intended for those who have completed their undergraduate studies. Those looking for further specialization after graduation often choose to study MS programs.

Master of Science (MS) is designed to provide Master’s degrees in a wide range of scientific fields such as mathematics, physical science, applied science, computer science, engineering, medicine, and nursing. Depending on the structure of the program, MS programs generally take one to two years to complete.

The following list outlines the most popular programs international students choose to pursue MS in Canada. Take a look!

1. MS in Computer Science

When it comes to studying MS in Canada, the Masters of Computer Science program takes the title of the most chosen program by international students. A master’s degree in Computer Science adds exceptional credibility to the career prospects of the students. More than 40 universities offer world-class MS in computer science in Canada.

2. MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Electrical Engineering is another most popular MS degree in Canada. Many leading universities in Canada offer full-time MS in Electrical Engineering programs for 1 to 2 years where students can experience excellent classroom-based teaching & laboratory-based research.

3. MS in Data Science

If you are from those who are perfect in handling data, then while planning to study MS in Canada, you must choose the MS in Data Science program. This program could be the best choice for you to sharpen your career. Data Science is such a multidisciplinary field where you learn data cleansing and develop your analytics knowledge to handle the entire database of any company.

4. MS in Mechanical

MS in Mechanical is another most favorite specialization Master’s program that international students go for. Almost all of the universities in Canada offer this MS program where students impart knowledge of design, manufacturing, and maintenance machines. Duration for the MS in Mechanical program is one to two years.

What Are the Cost of Studying MS in Canada?

What Are the Cost of Studying MS in Canada?

It is exciting but equally challenging to study abroad, especially when your financial background is not so good. Thankfully, Canada offers quality education to its international students at a very low cost than others. However, you must estimate the financial budgets before you start your process to study MS in Canada.

Although studying MS in Canada is overall cheap, depending on universities and colleges the tuition fees may vary. In the table below, we have listed the average tuition fees for an MS program in different universities.

SN.University NameWorld RankAnnual Tuition Fee
1.University of Toronto1837,897 CAD
2.University of British Columbia348,592 CAD
3.McGill University4218,110 CAD
4.McMaster University7217,093 CAD
5.Universite de Montreal8524,558 CAD
6.University of Alberta1369,465 CAD
7.University of Ottawa14125,718 CAD
8.University of Calgary20014,538 CAD
9.Western University201117,500 CAD
10.University of Waterloo20214,084 CAD

Apart from tuition fees, students also need to calculate the cost of living. The living expenses in Canada vary from province to depending on where you study. For example, your costs might fluctuate if you study in a province big city like Toronto.

Below you will find all the estimated costs you need to pay if you are planning to study in Canada from Nepal.

  • Flight Expense: NPR 1,50,000 – 3,00, 000/- per flight
  • Study Permit Fees: $150
  • Work Permit Fees: $155
  • IELTS Test Fees: NPR. 23,000
  • Accommodation: CAD 5,000 – CAD 10,000
  • Travel Costs: CAD 80 – CAD 110
  • Health Insurance: CAD 300 – CAD 800
  • Food: CAD 300 – CAD 400 (monthly)
  • Entertainment: CAD 750 (monthly)

A few universities in Canada offer scholarships for Masters to their international students. You can apply for one to reduce your study cost.

Top Universities For MS In Canada

Top Universities For MS In Canada

If you’re confused with the selection of the university then, it’s important to look at more than just rankings. Ranking of universities can sometimes be an indicator of quality, but each university also has its own strengths and weaknesses. Rankings of top universities in Canada from different sources use different criteria, so it’s best to compare the most popular rankings and review the specific strengths and weaknesses of each top university in your area of interest.

Before you send applications and gather up your supporting documents, you can do a proper research and get a good idea of where you’d like to end up.  Well, there are plenty of options for universities in Canada to study MS in Canada.

Among the universities, these are the top four universities you can consider studying MS in Canada:

1. Humber College

Humber College is a public College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1967, the college offers more than 150 programs across 40 fields of study, including Masters of Science (MS). Every year, thousands of students enroll in Humber College, with most of the students choosing the MS programs. The MS programs the college provides contain practical experimental components such as an internship, Co-op, and field placement.

Humber College has two main campuses in Toronto where they provide on-campus residence for more than 1,450 students. Once you are enrolled in the college, you can apply for a room in residence with the International Student Residence Application form.

2. University of Toronto

Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto is the 18th best university in the world, according to the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. It is the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada. The University of Toronto is considered to be one of the top research-intensive universities in the world.

The University of Toronto offers 136 Master’s programs, including Masters of Science,  to both its local and international students. Yes, it’s pretty expensive to study in UOT but if you can afford it, you must go for it because a degree from this university carries a high value.

3. Thompson Rivers University

Established in 1970, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a public teaching and research university that has become a leading destination for international students. Every year, more than 2,000 international students from 85 different countries get enrolled in Thompson Rivers University to pursue their studies, with most of them choosing a Master’s of Science program.

Thompson Rivers University offers its international students combined study and work programs and scholarship programs.

4. University of Winnipeg

Founded in 1967 in  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, The University of Winnipeg is a public research university that offers 400 courses in 40 fields of study. The university provides on-campus residence and it has currently provided housing facilities to more than 600 international students from 68 different countries. UOW could be your best choice to study MS in Canada.

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