Cape Breton University

Cape Breton University (CBU) is Situated in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. CBU is a major undergraduate public co-educational University. The only institution on Cape Breton Island and inside the Cape Breton Regional Municipality for the post-secondary degree.

The public university CBU is also a member of the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU), the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), Universities Canada (UC), and Colleges and Institutes Canada are surrounded by a friendly, inviting academic environment, the university provides all those kinds of support and guidance to help you achieve your destination.

Here, you would get a world-class education and develop strong positive significance due to unique programs, a secure and supportive campus, as well as the natural beauty of Cape Breton Island.

Cape Breton University (CBU) is a place where students will get an opportunity to find their further goals with the best world-class education. Globally more than 5,000 students attend CBU, representing more than 50 countries.

Including undergraduate and graduate choices, CBU has almost 20 academic programs and 60 fields of study. Furthermore, allowing students with previous post-secondary experience may be qualified for transfer credit, achieving the potential to complete CBU programs in less than two years. Students can then utilize these credits to fulfill up to 50% of their CBU degree requirements.


Academic program

Choosing Cape Breton University (CBU) as your educational institution will be the first step to a better future. There are various courses that our university offers,  ranging from undergraduate and graduate programs to online education and pre-professional courses, you’ll have no difficulty fulfilling your hobbies in the method that suits you best.

CBU provides a variety of highly respected and competitive programs, with students graduating with honors. The most major programs for international students are highlighted below:


Bachelor of Arts Community StudiesDegree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of ArtsDegree, Undergraduate
M.B.A in Community Economic DevelopmentDegree, Graduate
Diploma in Public Administration and ManagementCertificate, Diploma, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Arts and Science in EnvironmentDegree, Undergraduate
SociologyMajor, Minor
PsychologyMajor, Minor
MusicConcentration, Major, Minor
Mi’kmaq StudiesConcentration, Major, Minor
MathematicsMajor, Minor
Sport and Physical Activity LeadershipConcentration, Honours, Major
Political ScienceConcentration, Major, Minor
Religious StudiesConcentration, Minor
HistoryConcentration, Major, Minor
Gender and Women’s StudiesMinor
FrenchConcentration, Minor
FolkloreCertificate, Major, Minor
EnglishConcentration, Major, Major with Specialization, Minor
CommunicationConcentration, Major, Minor
Celtic CultureConcentration, Minor
Applied TheatreCertificate, Major, Minor
AnthropologyConcentration, Major, Minor



                      NAMEPROGRAM TYPE
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Supply Chain ManagementDiploma, Graduate
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Care ManagementDiploma, Graduate
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business ManagementDiploma, Graduate
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business AnalyticsDiploma, Graduate
Master of Business Administration in Community Economic DevelopmentDegree, Graduate
Bachelor of Business AdministrationDegree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementDegree, Undergraduate
Supply Chain ManagementMajor, Minor
Human ResourcesConcentration, Minor
MarketingMajor, Minor
Legal StudiesConcentration
FinanceConcentration, Minor
EconomicsConcentration, Minor
AccountingMajor, Minor



Master of Business Administration in Community Economic DevelopmentDegree, Graduate



Master of Education in Sustainability, Creativity, and InnovationDegree, Graduate, Online Only
Master of Education (Ed. Technology)Degree, Graduate, Online Only
Diploma in Educational TechnologyDiploma, Online Only
Diploma in Education (Curriculum)Diploma, Online Only
Bachelor of EducationDegree, Undergraduate



Bachelor of Engineering TechnologyDiploma, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Engineering (Transfer)Degree, Diploma, Undergraduate
PetroleumMajor, Minor
Environmental StudiesMajor
Electronics & ControlsMajor



Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Care ManagementDiploma, Graduate
Bachelor of Science, Nutrition (Transfer)
Degree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science, NursingDegree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health)Degree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Emergency ManagementDiploma, Undergraduate
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety ManagementDiploma, Graduate
Sport and Physical Activity LeadershipConcentrationHonoursMajor



Bachelor of Science, NursingDegree, Undergraduate



Bachelor of Technology (Nautical Science)Degree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of ScienceDegree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science, Nutrition (Transfer)Degree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science, NursingDegree, Undergraduate
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health)Degree, Undergraduate
PsychologyMajor, Minor
MathematicsMajor, Minor
ChemistryMajor, Minor
BiologyMajor, Minor



·       Bachelor of Business Administration

A bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Shannon School of Business will train students for careers in marketing, information technology, accounting, finance, and other sectors. Students will learn practical experience as well as the relevant knowledge to succeed in any field of business.

·       Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management

With two six-months of paid internships, a three-year bachelor’s degree program in hospitality and tourism management. Hospitality, tourism, business, the arts, and science are all topics of study for students graduates students are well qualified to work in many kinds of fields or continue their studies.

·       Bachelor of Engineering Technology

CBU has the region’s finest Engineering Department, which is probably closer to Dalhousie University’s. Environmental studies,   Electronics and controls, and petroleum are some of the areas available to students completing a Bachelor of Engineering Technology program.

·       Bachelor of Science – Nursing

Cape Breton University’s Bachelor of Science Nursing Program aims to be the world’s best in preparing future nurses to be skilled, capable, and professionals in providing leadership and scholarship in all areas of the nursing profession.

·       Bachelor of Health Sciences – Public Health

What we do as a society to provide the environments for people to be healthy has been described as public health. This program aims to assist in the development of the essential talents for public health practice, which include skills, knowledge, and mindsets. Practitioners must also learn the discipline-specific skill required by their area of expertise.  The environmental health part of public health is at the heart of this degree program.

·       Bachelor of Science – Human Nutrition(transfer)

The Department of Health Studies offers a two-year transfer degree in Human Nutrition at CBU. Several students enroll in this program at CBU and follow a set of course criteria to achieve all transfer requirements.

·       Bachelor of Education

A teaching career is a major and most responsible role in the growth of future leaders. Cape Breton University’s Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree provides quality education and knowledge they need to be successful students in 16 months.

The B.Ed. degree at CBU introduces learners to the latest teaching method and procedure while also preparing them with the education and skills they need to develop their creativity. Students of the program will have completed four-month teaching practical’s and they will have a chance to build a teaching portfolio. CBU graduates are consistently leading their classrooms throughout the world as a function of this methodology.




Choose the program that’s right for you, Once you find the right program then review the requirement and available best university.


Keep track of significant dates and prepare yourself with CBU’s application deadline by following the Important Dates Calendar.


Review CBU’s Tuition & Fees to prepare yourself for further financial planning for your study, and become informed of the university’s payment deadlines and authorized payment methods. Each year CBU offers 2.6millions in scholarships & Bursaries.


Documents such as certifications, transcripts, and language scores could be required. All required and also extra paperwork will be requested through your Future Student Account. To apply for further study, you’ll need a credit card. CBU presently accepts payment by Visa or Mastercard.


What are the Documents required to process in Canada?

Different documents are required to study in Canada as overseas students. As a student, it is your responsibility to keep your immigration status current and follow all immigration requirements while you are here.

In the process of studying in Canada, international students need to apply for a Study Permit and, in certain cases, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Document requirements are different by country. Double-check with your national consulate or embassy. You will need the following documents to apply for a study permit:

  • Valid password and Study profiles.
  • A confirmation of Cape Breton University’s original approval letter.
  • Confirmation of sufficient resources to pay tuition and living expenses.
  • You may be needed to take a medical examination with a Canadian govt doctor. More information on the requirements will be provided by your country’s visa officer.
  • Biometrics and photographs also are needed to submit.

Where to submit the required processing documents?

you can submit your document digitally, but there are some major things and requirements need to know before submitting your application. Ensure you’ve gone through all of the checklists for the required documents before sending them. You can submit your documents through this address:

Via mail

Addressed to: Enrolment Services, Cape Breton University, PO Box 5300, 1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 6L2

Via fax

Addressed to: Attention of Admissions, 902.563.1371



Cape Breton University is the place to go for the best education possibilities for students who want to study and get their degree in Canada.  CBU is a university with a completely supportive and learning-suitable environment.  It is excellent in every way, and there are also more possibilities on the way.

The simple procedure of application and highly reputed education system where more than 5,000 students attend from 50 different countries.

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