Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University is a public, generally undergraduate university in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The University of MSVU was founded in 1873. More than 60 countries of students are studying at the university.
It gave a chance for women to study and participate equally in society at a period when they had been unable to participate. The university is the only university at that time to support a woman to study higher education.
More than 190 courses, over 10 full undergraduate degree degrees, and 4 graduate degree programs offer online at The Mount. As part of their undergraduate education, every student can participate in an internship program too.
A large number of students are attracted by this university because it has small class sizes, specialized programs, and a perfect location.
MSVU has academic seats in Gender Identity, Social Practices, Nutrition Security, and Policy Change. This university is one of a kind in the country that offers a chair in learning disabilities, Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, and a variety of other programs, faculty, and research.

Programs And Courses

Over 40 undergraduate degrees in professional studies, arts, and sciences degrees courses are available to students. business administration, applied human nutrition, family studies and gerontology, child and youth studies, tourism and hospitality management, information technology, public relations, non-profit leadership, and other professional studies are commonly available programs at the university.
The MSVU also offers diplomas in Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, French Proficiency, and Non-profit Leadership, as well as degrees in Business Administration and Tourism & Hospitality Management.
• Diploma Business Administration
• Master of Education [M.Ed]
• Master of Arts [M.A] Education
• Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Certificate Business Administration
• Master of Arts [M.A] Elementary and Middle School Education
• Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Biology
• Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Applied Human Nutrition
• Master of Arts [M.A] Child and Youth Study
• Certificate Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Master of Arts [M.A] Communication
• Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Chemistry
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Mathematics
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Psychology
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] English
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Computer Science
• Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] Elementary/Secondary
• Bachelor Science Communication
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Economics
• Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Educational Studies
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Political Studies
• Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Psychology
• Bachelor Public Relations
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] History
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Gerontology
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Spanish
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] French
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Communications Studies
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Library
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Philosophy
• Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Public Policy Studies
• Tourism and Hospitality Management


Major Faculties

• Faculty of Arts
• Faculty of Science
• Faculty of Professional Studies
• Faculty of Education
• Faculty of Graduate Studies
• Certificates & Diplomas
• Academic Resources


Admission Requirements

Teaching quality and well-managed classes with limited seats helps to learn more effectively. You will always be surrounded by good guidance and supportive teachers in this small university. Friendly environment and strong relation between professors and learners, Also the students are getting additional opportunities to get involved in research on athletics and societies.
To apply to Mount Saint Vincent University, overseas students need to finish an initiation program that leads to university admission in their home countries. After that, the requirement to fill out the application form and payment of the application should be complete after the first preparatory program is done. Below are the requirements to get admission to Mount Saint Vincent University.
• Complete application form
• Official transcripts
• Cover letter
• Resume
• Reference forms
• Proof of English language proficiency
• Essay responses


Documents Required For International Students

• A valid passport
• Financial records (bank statements)
• An original letter of acceptance
• Medical examination
• letters of reference, if required
• Biometrics- fingerprints, and photographs


Undergraduate Admissions Requirements (MSVU)

More than 10 different courses are provided by Mount Saint Vincent University as undergraduate courses. it includes a wide range of major programs and diplomas. Below are the requirements for admission to MSVU’S undergraduate programs.
• Complete application form
• completed preparatory program
• Official transcripts
• More than 70% in classes X and XII
• GPA of 2.0 for transfer students
• Proof of English language proficiency
• Cover Letter
• Resume
• Recommendation Letter
• Contact Information of Reference
• Interview
English Language Tests Minimum Score Requirements
IELTS 6.5 or above
TOEFL iBT A score of 86 or higher is required, with no score below 21


Graduate Admissions Requirements (MSVU)

MSVU offers 34 post-graduate programs. family studies and gerontology, Applied human nutrition, women and gender studies, and other programs are included on that. you have to submit individual applications for each of the, If you want to apply for more than one program.
• Complete application form
• Resume
• Statement of Purpose
• Reference letters
• Official transcript
• English proficiency test scores
English Language Tests Minimum Score Requirements
IELTS 7.0 or above with no band below 6.5
TOEFL iBT A score of 93 is required, with no score below 23

You may have some additional specific requirements for teaching experience, writing tests for women and gender studies and family studies, and gerontology.
Mount Saint Vincent University Acceptance Rate and Application Requirement

Acceptance Rate
Mount Saint Vincent University has a moderate admissions policy, The university acceptance rate is 93% and the previous acceptance rate is 96.6%. A total of 4639 students across more than 60 countries were accepted by the university in the current academic year.
Application Requirement
Students should have a minimum of 70% in classes X and XII for Under graduation programs to be admitted to Mount Saint Vincent University. reference form, cover letters, and also the primary documents are strongly suggested for graduate programs.

Where to submit the required processing documents?

Students from the South Asian country (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) must apply through a university regional agent.
Students from these countries are not eligible to apply directly to the university. A directly submitted application will be rejected for this university so the applicant can apply via the regional agent of the university.
You can also contact [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-877-733-6788 for any further assistance or inquiry.

In the end, For those who wish to study and pursue higher education in Canada, Mount Saint Vincent University is one of the best options to choose. MSVU is a university with an open and friendly and supportive teaching environment. It’s fantastic in every manner. From more than 60 countries there are 4639 students are studying at this university in various faculties.
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