Study MPH in Canada: [Overall Detail About MPH]

What’s your passion? Is it to improve health on a community level? If yes then apply to Study MPH in Canada. An MPH program is designed to prepare students to work in key public health functions and train them to do best health care practices. An MPH degree allows students to study and monitor public health threats and conduct health research.

Once you have chosen your study program as MPH, now you have to choose a country. Canada could turn out to be the best destination for you to study MPH. Why? Below we have mentioned all the reasons why you should study MPH in Canada from the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada. Not only that but in this blog, we have discussed everything you need to know about MPH in Canada. Stay tuned.

Why Study MPH in Canada?

As we mentioned earlier, Canada is the best destination among international students who wants to study abroad. But why? Why do students choose to study MPH in Canada? Let’s discuss.

  1. Public Health jobs have been increased over the past few years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Canada is one of the few English-speaking where the demand for Public Health professionals is very high.
  2. Most universities in Canada offer quality MPH programs. Canada is known for its academic excellence all its 13 provinces are full of world-class universities for MPH programs.
  3. Jobs related to Public Health are one of the highly-paid jobs in the world. Similarly, when you have a Canadian Masters of Public Health degree in your hand, you are likely to earn an annual salary of $60,000 on average. Below are the salary you’ll be able to earn after MPH in Canada. 
    • Clinical Research Coordinator: 53,800 USD
    • Public Health Administrator: 65,000 USD
    • Public Health Consultant: 57,000 USD
    • Public Health Educator: 45,500 USD
    • Epidemiologist: 67,000 USD
  4. The accommodation and transportation costs are way cheaper than in any other country. The monthly accommodation cost and the monthly transportation cost in Canada only cost you CAD 5,000 to CAD 10,000 and CAD 80 to CAD 110 respectively. Your budget may go high if you choose to study in a big city like Toronto.
  5. Canada is one of the few – probably the only –  English-speaking country that offers Master’s programs at a very low cost. Tuition fees for MPH in Canada are also way cheaper than in the US, the UK, and Australia.
  6. Universities in Canada offers globally recognized degree. Therefore, choosing MPH in Canada could be the best decision you can make.
  7. You can get a lot of internship opportunities in the universities of Canada that will help you boost up your industry experience and career opportunities.
  8. As the Canadian government offers its international students 2 to 4 years of work permits, you can work and make money while studying in Canada.
  9. When you complete your MPH in Canada, universities in Canada conduct on-campus placements so that you can be granted a job.
  10. You have a great opportunity to become a PR in Canada. If you are an international student in Canada, the government of Canada grants you Canadian citizenship after you fulfill all its requirements.

What is the Cost to Study MPH in Canada?

As we mentioned earlier, Canadian universities are best known for providing study programs at low costs. The cost of MPH program in Canada for international students is also very affordable.

The duration for an MPH course in Canada is generally one to two years and the average tuition fee for MPH in Canada is 15,000-57,000 CAD (14,39,400 – 5,469,720 NRs). The cheapest MPH course in Canada starts from 15,000 CAD. Also, the scholarships are available for International students. 

The tuition fees for MPH in Canada may vary between universities. Below is the list of universities with the annual tuition fee they charge for an MPH program. Check it out.


University Name

Annual Tuition Fee


University of Victoria

USD 5,600


University of Alberta

USD 8,000


Simon Fraser University

USS 10,900


University of Guelph

USD 12,000


Brock University

USD 14,000


Saskatchewan University

USD 15,450


McGill University

USD 16,800


Ryerson University 

USD 23,000


University of Toronto

USD 25,900


Queen’s University

USD 37,300


Western University

USD 44,700

Additionally, below is the estimated range of various costs of living in Canada.

  • Off-campus Accommodation: 600 – 905
  • Food & Beverage: 151 – 230
  • Educational Supplies: 300
  • Recreation: 60
  • Personal & Miscellaneous: 4,000
  • Utilities: 200 – 330
  • Internet & Mobile: 130

Scholarships for Masters in Public Health in Canada

Universities offer various scholarships and awards to international students who want to pursue a full-time degree in MPH in Canada. Universities offer scholarships for MPH in Canada based on the merit of the students.

Below is the list of the scholarships and awards universities offer to international students who want to study MPH in Canada.

  • Lakehead University – Professor Margaret Page Graduate Award in Nursing offered at Lakehead University to 1 deserving student in the first two semesters (USD 453 per semester) of MPH in Canada.
  • The University of Victoria – Fellowships to selected international graduates. The amount of USD 17,500 is awarded each year.
  • The University of Victoria – University of Victoria Graduate Award. Selected international graduate students are awarded the amount of USD 10,000 per annum.
  • Simon Fraser University – Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship (SGES) to those who choose MPH/MSc/Ph.D. programs. The amount ranges from USD 1,000 to USD 10,000.

Additionally, all universities in Canada award Isabel Loucks Foster Public Health Bursary to deserving international students who are enrolled for a full-time course of MPH in Canada. Around USD 2,262 is awarded to each selected student.

Minimum Admission Requirements

The requirements for international students to study MPH in Canada is pretty easy but it is only if you are eligible for it. Below is the study in Canada requirements you will need to fulfill to apply for a Master of Public Health program.

  1. A copy of your Bachelor’s certificate. The candidate must have a Bachelor’s in Science degree with the total score being at least 75%.
  2. living expenses in Canada.
  3. Some institutions may take an evaluation test to verify your education documents.
  4. Proof of English language proficiency test score – IELTS is highly recommended. Your IELTS score must be at least 7 and your minimum TOEFL score should be 90 to study MPH in Canada. 
  5. Financial evidence to prove that you have enough money to pay the tuition fees and 
  6. Your CV.
  7. Two recommendation letters.
  8. A scan of your passport
  9. Statement of purpose.

Application Process for MPH in Canada

You can follow the steps mentioned below to apply for an MPH program in Canada.

  1. Select a university for MPH in Canada. Make sure you choose a DLI (Designated Learning Institutions) university.
  2. Browse through the official website of the university and apply for admission. You must submit the application before its deadline.

     3. Once your application is approved, the university will send you an acceptance letter. It may take up to 40 days.

     4. After you receive your acceptance letter, you can now apply for a Canada study permit.  Apply for the study permit with all the required documents.

     5. Once your Visa application is approved, you are ready to go.

Best of Luck!!!

We hope this blog was helpful for you. If you are still confused with why study in Canada and how to study in Canada then you can directly contact one of the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada, Goreto Educational Consultancy. We have been counseling students to study in Canada for more than a decade. Goreto is considered to be the best consultancy in Nepal for Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Can I get a job in Canada after MPH?

There are many job opportunities you can get after completing MPH in Canada. But it’ll be easier if you consult with your university or professor for jobs. Some jobs you can get include.

  • Public health researcher
  • Public health consultant
  • Public health policy advisor
  • Public health program manager
  • Public health epidemiologist
  • Public health inspector
  • Public health communicator

How much does MPH earn in Canada per hour?

You can earn 66,000 CAD (63,26,760 NRs) per annum after completing MPH. So per hour, you can earn 34.13 CAD to 58.65 CAD i.e. 3,275 NRs to  5,628 NRs according to the data of 2023.

Who is eligible for the MPH program in Canada?

Candidates must have completed a Bachelor degree with 75% or 3.0 GPA. In some universities, 16 years of education is mandatory which means, 10+2+4 years. 

Can I get a PR after MPH in Canada?

Yes, you have a chance to get a PR after you complete an MPH course in Canada.

Is Ielts required for MPH in Canada?

The candidate must have an IELTS score of 7.0 or higher to study MPH in Canada. If TOEFL, the candidate must score 93 or higher.