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About Humber College

Humber College Admission FAQs

Humber College is a great Canadian school that can provide you with useful information for any questions you have about admissions. If you’re thinking about studying in Canada, Humber College is a fantastic choice for you.

Application Processing Time & Acceptance Rate

1.What is the application processing time for Humber College ?

The processing time for Humber College is between 10-12 weeks.

2.What is the Humber College acceptance rate ?

Humber College acceptance rate is 70% which makes it relatively easy to get admission in this college. 

English Proficiency Test Requirements

3.What is the IELTS score requirement for Humber College?

IELTS requirement for Humber College admissions is a minimum overall band score of 6.5 with no band less than 6 in academic reading, 6 in writing, 6 in listening, and 6 in speaking tests.

4.What is the IELTS reading band score for Humber College?

The minimum IELTS reading band score for Humber College is 6.

5.What is the IELTS writing band score for Humber College?

The minimum IELTS writing band score for Humber College is 6.

6.What is the IELTS speaking band score for Humber College?

The minimum IELTS speaking band score for Humber College is 6.

7.What is the IELTS listening band score for Humber College?

The minimum IELTS listening band score for Humber College is 6.

8.What is the PTE score requirement for Humber College?

PTE requirement for Humber College admissions is a minimum overall band score of 60 with no band less than 50 in academic reading, 50 in writing, 50 in listening, and 50 in speaking tests.

9.What is the Humber College GPA requirement ?

Humber College requires students to have a minimum GPA of 2.8 to be eligible for a graduate program to get admission.


Offer Letter Time

10.What does Humber College offer letter time ?

Humber College will acknowledge and confirm your application within 48 hours. It usually takes about 2 weeks to issue the offer letter after applying.

11.Humber College Reviews: Is Humber College Good?

Yes, Humber College is good for international students because it has secured the position of 1423 in QS World University ranking and 1323 in Times Higher Ranking.

Location, Accessibility And Mode Of Transport

12.Where is Humber College located and how can we reach there?

Humber College is located in Toronto, Ontario. You can reach it through public transports and college owned transports. 

Available Courses

13.What are the courses available at Humber College?

The courses available at Humber College are listed below:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Inclusive Resource Practice Child and Family
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Virtual Production
  • Bachelor of Science Nursing
  • Jazz Performance Introduction to Commercial Jazz Percussion
  • Mechanical Techniques Millwright
  • Music Composition

Documents Required To Apply For This University

14.What are the documents required to apply for this university ?

The  documents required to apply for this university are as follows:

  1. GRE
  2. Financial: Proof of Income
  3. CA Certificate
  4. Canada Doc
  5. Visa File 1
  6. Experience: Letter of Reference
  7. Visa File 2
  8. Passport
  9. Extra Docs 2
  10. Passport
  11. Prerequisite Exams Docs
  12. Others Docs
  13. Gap Statement
  14. Diploma (Semester/Year wise)
  15. Grade 10th (Marksheet & Passing Certificate)
  16. Bank Account Statement
  17. All Documents Combined Notarized
  18. Extra Docs 3
  19. Grade 12th (Marksheet & Passing Certificate)
  20. Financial: Bank Balance Confirmations and Statements
  21. Passport Last Page
  22. TOEFL
  23. Transcripts (10th, 12th, Diploma, Degree & Masters)
  24. IELTS
  25. Work Experience Docs
  26. Grade 9th (Marksheet & Transcript)
  27. Extra Docs 1
  28. Masters (Semester/Year wise)
  29. LOR
  30. Visa: Application
  31. Student Photo
  32. Duolingo
  33. Extra Docs 5
  34. Identity: Photograph
  35. Identity: Birth Certificate
  36. All Documents Combined
  37. 10th Marksheet
  38. Extra Docs 4
  39. Identity: National Identity Card (NIC) / Aadhar Card
  40. Appointment Letter
  41. Passport First Page
  42. Bonafide Certificate
  43. Balance Certificate
  44. English Language: English Proficiency Transcript/Results
  45. 10th and 12th Docs
  46. Visa File 3
  47. Degree (Semester/Year wise)
  48. MOI Letter
  49. Work Experience
  50. Post Graduate (Semester/Year wise)
  51. Consolidated Marksheet
  52. Identity: Passport
  53. Medical: Medical Clearance
  54. Backlog Summary/Attempt Certificate
  55. SOP
  56. Portfolio
  57. GMAT
  58. 12th Marksheet
  59. SAT
  60. Birth Certificate
  61. PTE
  62. Internship Letter
  63. Salary Slip
  64. Intention: Statement of Purpose
  65. Affidavit of Support
  66. Experience Certificate
  67. Experience: Letter of Employment
  68. Marriage Certificate
  69. Resume/CV

Eligibility To Join This Institution & Duration Required To Complete The Course

Every course has its own requirements and duration. You can look through all the courses and pick the one you like to find out about its eligibility and how long it takes.


In summary, Humber College in Toronto offers a diverse and enriching educational experience, attracting students from around the world, including Nepal. Studying in Canada provides an excellent opportunity for international students. Choosing the right consultancy is crucial for those who are seeking an education in Canada from Nepal.

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