How Goreto’s Platinum Award Evelates Your Canada Study Journey

In the dynamic landscape of education and global opportunities, certain milestones shine brighter than others.

Today, we stand proud and elated to share one such milestone that marks a remarkable achievement for Goreto Educational Consultancy.

It’s a moment of celebration as we announce that Goreto has been honored with the prestigious Platinum Award for being the Best Agent in Nepal for the year 2023 by Durham College.

Durham Award for Goreto Educational Consultancy
(From Left to Right): Dhiraj Kandel, Managing Director of Goreto Eductional Consultancy recieving the Durham College, Platinum Award for Top Performing Agent in Nepal for 2023 from Aldo Mendizabal, Associate Director of Durham College and Zeeshan Khan, South-Asia Representative of the college during a ceremony at Goreto Educational Consultancy’s headquarters in New Baneshwor Kathmandu.

It was a proud moment for the entire Goreto team and its students when Aldo Mendizabal, Associate Director of Durham College and Zeeshan Khan, South-Asia Representative of the college, handed over the award to us.

This remarkable recognition not only echoes our commitment to excellence but also heralds a new era of possibilities for students aspiring to study in Canada.

At Goreto, our journey has always been fueled by a deep passion for guiding students towards their academic dreams.

This Platinum Award stands as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of our team, the trust of our students, and the value we bring to the realm of education consultancy.

Let’s delve into the significance of this accolade and understand how it resonates with students who are embarking on the transformative journey of studying in Canada.

The Platinum Award: Understanding the Accolade

In the realm of education consultancy, accolades are the milestones that validate the tireless efforts put forth in serving students’ aspirations.

The Platinum Award, in particular, holds a special place among these recognitions.

It’s not just a token of appreciation; it’s a symbol of unwavering commitment and relentless dedication.

The Platinum Award, bestowed upon Goreto by none other than Durham College, carries profound significance.

It signifies our consultancy’s exceptional performance and resolute focus on delivering top-notch services to students.

This award serves as a beacon of trust, shining brightly for those who seek expert guidance in their pursuit of Canadian education.

Unveiling the Criteria: What Sets Goreto Apart

Behind every accolade lies a set of rigorous criteria that sift through the industry’s best to identify true excellence. Durham College, known for its exceptional standards, selects the top-performing agent in Nepal through a meticulous evaluation process. This process encompasses a variety of factors, such as:

Durham Plantinum AwardService Quality: The ability to provide unparalleled guidance, support, and assistance to students in their journey towards studying in Canada.

Successful Outcomes: A track record of helping students achieve their academic and career aspirations through seamless study abroad experiences.

Student-Centered Approach: Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the individual needs, aspirations, and goals of each student.

Expertise: Displaying an in-depth understanding of the Canadian education system, universities, courses, and visa procedures.

Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards in all interactions with students, ensuring transparency and trust.

Goreto’s selection as the recipient of the Platinum Award underscores our consultancy’s commitment to these criteria.

Our exceptional services, personalized approach, and dedication to students’ success have not only met but exceeded these standards, leading to this remarkable recognition.

The Award as a Reflection of Excellence

The Platinum Award isn’t just a coveted recognition; it’s a mirror reflecting the essence of Goreto’s mission – transforming students’ dreams into tangible realities.

best education consultant agent in nepalOur consultancy’s very foundation is built upon the belief that every student’s journey is unique, and our relentless dedication is a testament to this belief.

Behind this remarkable achievement lies the untiring dedication of the Goreto team.

It’s the culmination of countless hours spent understanding students’ aspirations, researching universities and courses, navigating complex visa processes, and providing unwavering support at every step.

The Platinum Award shines as a beacon of the relentless hard work and expertise that our team brings to the table.

Why It Matters for Students Aspiring to Study in Canada from Nepal?

For students who dare to dream of studying in Canada, this Platinum Award carries profound implications. It serves as a compass guiding them to a consultancy that’s not just reliable, but exceptional.

This accolade signifies Goreto’s credibility and expertise in transforming aspirations into achievements.

It’s a seal of approval that students can trust wholeheartedly, knowing that their academic journey is in the hands of a consultancy recognized for its excellence.

As students embark on the complex and exhilarating journey of studying abroad, the Platinum Award becomes more than a badge – it’s a promise.

A promise that they will receive accurate guidance, personalized support, and an experience that’s not just smooth but transformative.

With the award-winning team at Goreto by their side, students can approach their dream of studying in Canada with confidence and assurance.

Trusting Goreto: The Platinum Advantage

When students make life-changing decisions, they deserve the best. This is where the Platinum Award becomes a pivotal factor in their decision-making.

Aspiring scholars should consider this recognition as more than an accolade – it’s an assurance of unparalleled service quality.

The Platinum Award solidifies Goreto’s position as a consultancy that goes beyond the norm, investing in each student’s aspirations as if they were our own.

Goreto’s award-winning status translates into a study abroad experience that’s not just seamless, but enriched with personalized attention.

Whether it’s helping students choose the perfect course, guiding them through visa applications, or providing insights into Canadian university life, the Platinum Advantage guarantees accurate guidance every step of the way.

With Goreto, students aren’t just clients – they’re partners in a journey towards success.

Partnering for Success: Goreto and Durham College


The journey towards the Platinum Award wasn’t a solitary one. It was paved by a collaboration that stands as a testament to the power of partnerships.

Goreto’s alliance with Durham College, a revered institution, has not only bolstered our consultancy’s expertise but has also forged a path for student success.

This partnership ensures that students receive not just consultancy services but a holistic educational experience that stands second to none.

As we stand at the intersection of excellence and aspiration, the Platinum Award remains more than an accolade – it’s a commitment.

A commitment to every student who walks through our doors, seeking guidance, and placing their dreams in our hands.

With the Platinum Award as our guiding star, Goreto Educational Consultancy remains steadfast in its mission to shape brighter futures, one dream at a time.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future

As we stand on this triumphant milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Goreto’s journey.

The Platinum Award isn’t just an accolade; it’s a result of the trust students have placed in us and the unwavering dedication of our team.

This recognition isn’t the end; it’s a new beginning – a reminder that every success story we shape fuels our commitment to achieve more.

Looking forward, our consultancy remains resolute in its pursuit of excellence. We are driven by a singular goal: to continue guiding students toward their dreams with the same passion, dedication, and expertise that earned us the Platinum Award.

With every student we assist, we carve a path toward a brighter, more promising future.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that’s backed by expertise, trust, and the power of the Platinum Award?

Reach out to us today to discover how Goreto’s award-winning services in Kathmandu, Chitwan and Itahari can transform your aspirations into achievements. Whether it’s about choosing the right course, navigating visa procedures, or preparing for life in Canada, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.