Find Out Top In-Demand Courses In Canada To Get Jobs

From Post-Graduation Work Permit Program to immigration schemes, Canada offers everything students can hope for while studying abroad. Because of the safety factors, academic excellence, affordable tuition fees and job opportunities that Canada offers with best courses in Canada, it has become a dream destination for thousands of international students from all around the world.

More than 90% of Canadian graduates get highly-paid jobs within six months of graduation in Canada. Universities in Canada offer the best quality education. Now you know the benefits of studying in Canada, whether you choose an undergraduate or a postgraduate course.

But wait! Which course are you going to join to study in Canada? Below we have discussed the best courses in Canada you can go for.

Top 10 Courses To Study In Canada

Universities in Canada offer a wide range of courses to their international students. However, few of the courses are more popular among Nepalese students than others.

Here,we have listed the top 10 best courses in Canada for you.

1. Computer Science And IT

As Computer Science and IT courses open doors for bright career options, it is the most popular course among international students in Canada. University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Computer Science and IT in Canada.

From software development to IT project management, there is a wide range of career opportunities in leading software firms when you complete a Computer Science and IT course.

Therefore, Computer Science and IT is considered to be one of the best courses in Canada for international students.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Computer Science and IT
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • B.Sc in Applied Computing
  • B.Sc in Computer Science
  • M.Sc in Computer Science
  • Masters in Information Technology

2. Business Management

How can we miss the Business Management course, when we are talking about the best courses in Canada. Business Management is a highly in-demand course amongst Nepalese students in Canada.

The main reason why students are interested in this course is that you find a variety of specializations in business management such as Accounting, Finance and Project Management.

MBA is the most-preferred business management course among international students in Canada.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Business Management
  • BBA
  • Bachelors of Business Management
  • MBA
  • Master of Financial Economics

3. Core Engineering And Engineering Management

The number of students to join Core engineering & technology courses has been increasing. with every passing year. Engineers with skills in AutoCAD and CATIA are high in demand in Canada. The average annual salary of an engineer in Canada is $81,700.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Engineering Management
  • Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
  • BEng Process Engineering
  • MSc Engineering Management
  • Engineering Management MSc online

4. Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy

We have put the Physical & Earth Sciences course in this best courses in Canada list because it has become popular in Canada for the last few years. Renewable Energy courses are also equally popular in Canada.

Fields related to Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy are very important for economic growth and the environment as well. With the increasing job placements, the energy industry is highly capital intensive.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Physical & Earth Sciences
  • BS in Earth & Environmental Science
  • BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Masters in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
  • Masters in Environmental and Life Sciences
Renewable Energy
  • BSc in Renewable Energies
  • BEng in Renewable & Sustainable Engineering
  • Masters in Renewable Energy
  • Masters in Sustainable Energy

5. Agricultural Science & Forestry

Agricultural Science & Forestry should be on the list of best courses in Canada because, with increasing global warming, climate change and food scarcity, Agricultural Science is playing role in finding solutions.

Therefore, the job prospects of agricultural science & forestry gaining popularity in Canada. Agricultural Science & Forestry course produces thousands of agricultural scientists,  agricultural consultants, agronomists and forestry consultants every year.

The average annual salary of an Agricultural Science & Forestry degree holder in Canada is $50,000.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Agricultural Science & Forestry
  • Bachelors in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
  • BSc in Forest Ecology and Management
  • Masters in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Masters in Food Safety and Quality Assurance

6. Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare

From east to west and from past to future, courses for medicine, biological sciences, and pharmacy have always been among the best courses in Canada. Courses for biological sciences are broad in Canada.

You need to be highly qualified and have great skills to deal with the human body. The pay scale of a medical professional depends on the qualifications and the roles they have to play.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare
  • Bachelors in Nursing
  • Bachelors in Biomedical
  • Bachelors in Biological Sciences
  • Masters in Nursing
  • Masters in Biomedical
  • Masters in Biological Sciences

7. Media And Journalism

As digital media and social networking sites are increasing with every passing day, the demand for skilled media persons is also increasing.

With the increase of Digital Marketing companies, demand for employees for digital marketing, digital & interactive design are also equally increasing.

Therefore, a Media & Journalism course will open doors for multiple career opportunities. This is why it’s on the list of the best courses in Canada for international students.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Media & Journalism
  • Bachelors in Journalism
  • BA in Media Studies
  • Masters in Journalism
  • MA in Media Studies

8. Mathematics And Statistics

There is a huge demand for quantitative and analytics professionals in Canada. Maths, Statistics and analytics are used in almost every sector of the world.

From the education sector to the manufacturing sector, all the organizations are now implementing the use of analytics, motivating students to take Mathematics and Statistics courses.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Mathematics, Statistics
  • Bachelor of Mathematics in Mathematical Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics
  • BSc in Mathematics
  • BSc in Applied Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Statistics
  • Master of Arts in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Masters in Business Analytics

9. Psychology And Human Resources

Psychology & Human Resources is another popular course in Canada. Because of the increasing demand for counseling psychologists, career advisers, HR professionals and industrial psychologists, thousands of international students join Psychology & Human Resources courses.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Psychology & Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelors of Human Resources Management
  • Bachelors of Human Services
  • The MSc in Psychology
  • Masters in Addictions and Mental Health
  • Masters in Human Resources Management

10. Interior Design

Interior Design courses are among the most preferred courses by international students in Canada. From 2014 – 2019, the Interior Designing industry had an annual growth of 2.4%.

In interior designing courses, you get to learn how to use your imagination and visualization to create attractive indoor spaces. It has created immense job opportunities for graduates over the past few years.

StreamPopular Bachelor’s ProgramsPopular Master’s Programs
Interior Design Courses
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies
  • Masters of Interior Design
  • Master of Environmental Design Studies

11. Photography Courses In Canada

Do you want to study photography in Canada? Among many available courses in Canada for international students, many students prefer to study photography in Canada.

The photography courses in Canada are designed in collaboration with some of the best photographers in Canada as well as the world.

You can also opt to work as a professional photographer in Canada after you complete your photography course.

Employment opportunities can be in areas such as fine art printing, advertising, publishing, graphic design, and gallery and studio management.

12. Nursing Courses In Canada

Due to the increasing demand for Nurses in Canada, Nursing has become one of the top courses in Canada for international students.

Many universities and colleges in Canada, public as well as private, offer nursing courses to national as well as international students. If you are low on budget, it is advised to go for public colleges/universities.

If you are planning to study nursing in Canada, you need to get enrolled in a diploma, undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program.

Also, if you want to work as a nurse and live in Canada, you need to obtain an undergraduate degree in nursing as it is required to work as a registered nurse in almost all provinces in Canada.

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Golf Courses In Canada

The golf industry has also a wide career scope in Canada. A few universities in Canada provide competitive golf programs with high-quality education courses.

In Golf management programs, you get all the business knowledge you need to be successful in the growing golf hospitality industry. Golf-related courses in Canada include:

  • Golf fundamentals
  • Membership sales and service
  • Turf maintenance
  • Golf course design
  • Event and tournament planning

From resorts and other recreational facilities, there are a lot of Golf management opportunities in Canada.

Below are some common job titles for a golf course graduate:

  • Tournament Director
  • Turf Manager
  • Club Manager
  • Golf Professional
  • Facilities Manager

The average salary for golf course graduates ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Which course is best to get PR in Canada?

Almost every course in Canada brings you an opportunity to get PR in Canada. Following your graduation, you can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) in Canada and after working for three years, you can apply to be a permanent resident (PR) in Canada.

2: Which courses are in demand in Canada?

Some of the high in demand courses in Canada are:

  • Project Management – IT
  • Computer Programmer
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • IT Solutions
  • Graphic Design
  • Sports Business Management
  • International Business Management

3: Which course has the most scope in Canada?

Below is the list of courses that have the most career scope in Canada.

  • Business and Finance
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Health and Medicine
  • Media and Journalism

Now you may know about all the courses that universities in Canada offer. But that’s not enough. There are other factors you will have to consider while joining a course in Canada.

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