Top Cities in Canada That Are Popular Among International Students


In many ways, studying abroad is definitely an eye-opening experience. It exposes you to a different culture, introduces you to new people, and encourages you to respect diversity. Recently for many international students, Canada has become one of the highly attractive destination to study and settle down permanently.

Quality of education, globally recognized degrees, affordable fees, safety, lifestyle, recreational activities and many other concerns must be considered when selecting universities/colleges and their locations in Canada. Canada is unquestionably a country that meets all of these criteria. Most of the cities of Canada are cosmopolitan and very welcoming towards international students. As an international student seeking to study in Canada from Nepal, you might want to ensure living in the greatest location possible over there!

We understand how tough it may be to relocate to a new location and to find the ideal place and university that will match your needs. However, having enough expertise and information about a location can make things much easier. It is critical for students to understand the cost of living in Canada, as well as cities in Canada that are suitable for their livelihood, so that they can make well-informed professional decisions.

Henceforth, in this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of Canada’s most popular student-friendly cities. So, if you’re thinking of studying in Canada, you’ve landed to the perfect place as we’ll go over all of the crucial aspects of the finest places to study in Canada. By doing so you’ll be able to pick the Canadian city that best meets your needs.

Top cities to study in canada

Canada’s Best Cities for International Students around the World


Montreal is ranked first among the ten greatest student-friendly cities in the world, not just in Canada, but also in North America, according to the world ranking (2020). In the table below, the top ten cities in Canada are listed along with their respective QS rankings.


  1. Montreal:

Montreal is the greatest city in Canada to study in. In the realm of Science and Technology, the city is a leader itself. Particularly in the fields of aeronautics and information technology, Montreal ranked among the top student cities in the world. The city is known not just for its world-class education but also for its innovation and entertainment industries.

QS ranking of the city




Top Universities of Montreal

·        McGill University

·        University of Montréal

·        Concordia University

·        HEC Montréal

·        Polytechnic School of Montreal

·        University of Québec at Montréal




Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 709-1050 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 60 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 85 for transportation





Transportation Ease

·       The city boasts excellent public transportation that is both accessible and economical.


·       There are more than 50 metro stations and 200 bus routes.


·       The cost of a single ride is CAD 3.25; the cost of a night out pass is CAD 5.


·       Tickets and Opus cards are accepted on buses.




Job Opportunities

There are numerous job openings for students. Language can be a hurdle sometimes for those who do not speak French in this city. However, even if you only know English you can find handful of jobs.



Things to do when in Montreal



·       Take a walk through Old Montreal. This experience transports you back in time to a different era.


·       For an amusing day, visit Quartier des Spectacles, a dream land.


·       The Science and Arts Museum in Montreal is a must-see. The underground city of Montreal can also be explored.


·       At the Olympic stadium, you may see exciting sporting events.


Is studying in Montreal worthy enough?



Montreal, which has been named one of the best study destinations in the world, is undoubtedly the first Canadian destination to consider. After studying in Montreal, you will be exposed to a variety of opportunities.


  1. Toronto:

For international students, Toronto is one of the top cities in Canada. Students of Science, Business Studies, the Arts, and other fields can all find courses in Toronto, unlike in many other cities. In addition, Toronto is home to the majority of immigrants. As a result, it is the greatest city in Canada for Nepalese students to live.


QS ranking of the city13


It is the world’s most multicultural city. This city is home to 140 different languages. India, China, Nepal, the United Kingdom, and Ireland make form a sizable diversity in the city.

Top Universities and Colleges of Toronto

·       University of Toronto

·       York University

·       Seneca College

·       Centennial College

·       Ryerson University

·       Humber College

·       Lambton College


Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 1500-2000 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 75 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 100 for transportation



Transportation Ease

Within the city, the Toronto Transit Commission operates subways, streetcars, and buses. The cost of transportation is CAD 3. The metro pass is CAD 133.75, whereas the daily pass is CAD 11.
Job OpportunitiesStudents have access to a variety of job options throughout the city.



Things to do when in Toronto


·       Visit the largest Niagara Falls.


·       Visit breweries to sample some of Toronto’s finest brews.


·       St. Lawrence is one of the best food markets in the city. You may go there as well.


·       While gazing at the metropolitan skyline, take in the beauty of Toronto’s CN tower.


Is studying in Toronto worthy enough?


In English and French, Toronto offers a variety of degree and certificate programs. This attractive city is also known as Canada’s financial and business capital. Henceforth, coming here to study is worthwhile.



  1. Vancouver:

Vancouver is a vibrant and lively place to reside in, with a tremendous mix of culture, languages, people, and more. The splendor of the city exhilarates many international students. It’s an excellent idea to study Digital Media, Engineering, or IT in Vancouver.


QS ranking of the city18


The majority of students are European Canadians, Chinese and Indian. The most populous ethnic groups are English, Irish, and Scots.

Top Universities and Colleges of Vancouver

·       University of British Columbia

·       University of Canada West

·       Simon Fraser University

·       Douglas College

·       Vancouver Island University

·       Columbia College

·       Langara college


Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 1900-3000 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 80 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 109 for transportation





Transportation Ease

Buses – A coast mountain bus operates. Rapid Transit (through trains) – Rapid trains Bus services provided by Translink.

Sea Bus is a passenger boat that runs across the city.

West Coast Express- city’s commuter train service.



Job Opportunities

The city offers a wide range of job options for students. The positions are noteworthy. Salary packages are competitive. In addition, the work environment is encouraging.




Things to do when in Vancouver


·       Explore the beautiful drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway.


·       Spend some time in nature at Stanley Park or Grouse Grind, or go to the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology.


·       Visit China Town and Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s famed garden for a taste of China.


Is studying in Vancouver worthy enough?


One of the most happening cities in overall Canada, we must say. So, If you plan to study here, be prepared for an exciting adventure.


  1. Calgary:

Calgary, Canada, is a well-kept city dedicated to sustainability, energy research, and renewable energy sources. Hence, this is one of the top places in Canada to take a STEM course. Calgary is the place to be if you’re interested in cutting-edge technology and development.

QS ranking of the city49



In Calgary, there are over 200 ethnic groups, with English, Scottish, Canadian, Indian, German, and Irish ancestry being among the most common. About 55 percent of the population is Christian, Islam (5.2 percent), Sikh (2.6 percent), Buddhist (2.1 percent), Hindu (1.6 percent), and Jewish (1.6 percent).

Top Universities and Colleges of Calgary

  • University of Calgary
  • Bow Valley College
  • The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Mount Royal University
  • St Mary’s University
Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 800- 1050 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 60 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 106 for transportation



Transportation Ease

Throughout the city, the Calgary Transit system provides bus lines and a light-rail system. Both travel ways are simple to use and dependable. You can get a transport ticket for $3.40 each journey.
Job OpportunitiesCalgary has beaten out other Canadian cities to claim third spot as the best city for job seekers. As a result, finding a job for international students is rather simple.

Things to do when in Calgary


  • You may visit to the Calgary skyline and the magnificent Calgary Tower.


  • The Calgary Zoo is a must-see.


  • Visit the Calgary Stampede for a day.


  • The Entertainment District is where you should go.
Is studying in Calgary worthy enough?


Calgary is regarded as one of the top places in Canada for international students to study. After graduation, there are plenty of job prospects in Calgary. Calgary is not only a superb destination to study, but it is also a fun place to live. So, definitely this city is worth your time, dedication and money.


  1. Ottawa:

Ottawa is one of Canada’s most beautiful city, with stunning views and picturesque backdrops. Furthermore, the city has much more to offer. Many STEM students benefit from direct experience to the industry thanks to the greatest research centers related to Science and Technology.


QS ranking of the city53



Ottawa is a cosmopolitan center of Canada because of its ethnic richness.

Immigrants from Asia and the Middle East make up about 53% of the population. Africans accounts for 17% of the immigrants, while European accounts for 15%.


Top Universities and Colleges of Ottawa

·       University of Ottawa

·       Carleton university

·       Augustine College

·       Algonquin College

·       Dominican University College


Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 1120 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 70 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 103 for transportation



Transportation Ease

Ottawa’s people have access to award-winning transportation options. There are fixed-route buses, fast bus transit with high frequency service, and a shuttle-style light rail transport system.

Job Opportunities

Ottawa boasts Canada’s largest innovation park and federal employment hub, with 568,000 jobs available to its students.


Things to do when in Ottawa


·       Skating


·       Make a visit to the Parliament


·       Wander down through the renowned Chateau


·       Go to the beach


Is studying in Ottawa worthy enough?


Some of the greatest Science and History courses are available at Ottawa University. There are numerous museums in the city that will educate you in your respective field.


  1. Edmonton:

Edmonton, known for its pizzas, provides a culturally rich environment for its students. International students studying in Edmonton have access to a luxurious lifestyle at a reasonable cost. As a result, this is one of the top places in Canada to study.


QS ranking of the city86



Edmonton is significantly more culturally diverse than it appears! Although North Americans make up the majority, there are significant Middle Eastern and Asian groups in the area. There are also well-established French and Eastern European populations in Edmonton.

Top Universities and Colleges of Edmonton

  • University of Alberta
  • MacEwan University
  • Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 1000-1300 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 70 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 97 for transportation



Transportation Ease

One-way transit price for adults is $3.50 CAD. For $97.00 per month, you can buy an unlimited monthly transit pass. These fares are applicable only for any ETS bus or train service.

Job Opportunities

Most job can be found in this city if you work smart and build a decent network while you’re studying! Also, the minimum wage in Edmonton is $18.00 per hour.


Things to do when in Edmonton


  • Shop at Canada’s largest mall, the Edmonton Mall.


  • Elk Island National Park is a must-see.


  • Take a trip to the Beaver Hills.


  • Edmonton Park is a great place to have a visit with friends and family.


  • You may explore the Royal Alberta Museum.
Is studying in Edmonton worthy enough?


You will be able to have fun, explore the natural beauties, and achieve your goals while studying in Edmonton. This is an amazing opportunity for Nepalese students to grow themselves.


  1. Quebec:

Quebec is Canada’s French-speaking region. You will be exposed to both the Canadian and French cultures if you choose to study here. International students will find Quebec to be one of the cheapest cities in Canada. As a result, this is one of the greatest cities in Canada to live in for Nepalese students on a budget.


QS ranking of the city113
DiversityAfter Montreal, Quebec City is the second largest metropolitan area. In Quebec City, 88 percent of pupils speak French.
Top Universities and Colleges of Quebec·       Laval University

Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 525-700 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 60 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 87 for transportation



Transportation Ease

Cars, buses (CAD 3), taxis (CAD 1.70 for 0.6 mile), bicycles, ferries, and two-wheelers are all available modes of transportation in Quebec City.

Job Opportunities

The city has the lowest unemployment rate among all Canadian cities. There is no scarcity of career options, and students have many of them.

Things to do when in Quebec


·       Try walking along Quebec’s fortifications.


·       At Parc De La Chute Montmorency, you may zip line.


·       Explore the Jacques Cartier National Park.


·       Visit the well-known Quebec festival.


Is studying in Quebec worthy enough?


Quebec provides affordable education, as well as post-study work permits and shorter-term courses. These benefits make studying in Quebec worthwhile!


  1. Winnipeg:

Winnipeg is Manitoba’s capital and largest city, as well as an important regional center in the Canadian Prairies and one of the best cities in Canada. It is a well-balanced city with a strong economic base. The city is a popular tourist destination due to its architecture, waterways, history, money, arts, and museums. From boutiques to low-cost discount stores, Winnipeg’s retail business has something for everyone, and it’s a great place to try out new ideas.


QS ranking of the city209
DiversityWinnipeg is one of the world’s most diversified cities in terms of culture. There are almost 100 languages spoken, and Winnipeg is noted for its cultural successes and thriving arts scene.
Top Universities and Colleges of Winnipeg
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
  • Red River College of Applied Arts, Science & Technology
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • Assiniboine Community College
  • International College of Manitoba

Monthly Cost of Living


ü  CAD 800-1400 for a one-bedroom apartment

ü  CAD 60 for a three-course meal

ü  CAD 77 for transportation


Transportation Ease

The fares are quite affordable, costing only $2.45 to get everywhere in the city (transfers are available). For $21.50, you can buy a book of ten tickets, and for $76.25 you can get a monthly pass that allows you to ride limitless times.

Job Opportunities

Between 2021 and 2025, the Manitoba province economy will have a total of 141,700 job opportunities, with 57% of these positions to replace worker retirements. According to projections, there will be around 28,300 overall employment vacancies per year. So, in this city you can find the massive job opportunities.

Things to do when in Winnipeg


  • Visit the Canadian Human Rights Museum.


  • Walk through the Forks National Historic Site


  • You may see the polar bears at Assiniboine Park Zoo.


  • At ManyFest, eat and dance your heart out.


  • Skate the Red River Mutual Trail.

Is studying in Winnipeg worthy enough?


Winnipeg is a fantastic place to study since it provides several benefits to international students. Studying in Winnipeg provides you with the opportunity to receive a world-class education in cutting-edge facilities at a low cost.


Our last words:

Altogether, studying in Canada is a wonderful opportunity for students. The following is a list of the greatest cities in Canada to study in for Nepalese students. And, if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll uncover the perfect match city for you.

Every city in Canada has its own distinct uniqueness that set it apart from others. While Montreal is known for its Canadian institutions, Vancouver and Calgary are famed for their natural beauty. While Ottawa is known for its high-paying jobs, Quebec City and Winnipeg are known for their low-cost living.

Canada is also a popular choice among international students because it welcomes immigrants and provides them with advantages without any fuss. Every student is different, and their requirements are different as well. As a result, students who intend to study and migrate to Canada must carefully consider their needs, future objectives, and aspirations before deciding which city is the greatest fit for them.

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