Courses In Canada For International Students To Study

Canada has always been a top choice among international students for undergraduate and graduate-level studies. With a large variety of courses available in universities in Canada, thousands of students choose Canada for pursuing their higher-level studies.

In this blog, we will introduce you to the top ten courses in Canada for international students. So, if you are considering Canada for your higher studies, you’ve come to the right place.


Due to the increasing demand for Nurses in Canada, Nursing has become one of the top courses in Canada for international students. Many universities and colleges in Canada, public as well as private, offer nursing courses to national as well as international students.

If you are low on budget, it is advised to go for public colleges/universities. If you are planning to study nursing in Canada, you need to get enrolled in a diploma, undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program.

Also, if you want to work as a nurse and live in Canada, you need to obtain an undergraduate degree in nursing as it is required to work as a registered nurse in almost all provinces in Canada.


Do you want to study photography in Canada? Among many available courses in Canada for international students, many students prefer to study photography in Canada.

The photography courses in Canada are designed in collaboration with some of the best photographers in Canada as well as the world. You can also opt to work as a professional photographer in Canada after you complete your photography course.

Employment opportunities can be in areas such as fine art printing, advertising, publishing, graphic design, and gallery and studio management.

Master In Public Health

If you want to establish your career in areas such as community health, public health awareness, and safety, you can choose to study Masters’s in Public Health (MPH) in Canada.

Colleges and universities in Canada offer two types of courses for MPH i.e. course-based (MPH) and research-based (MScPH).

If you want to live, work, and study in canada from Nepal , you should definitely choose to study MPH in Canada as there is an increasing demand for medical professionals with a Masters in Public Health degree in Canada.

While studying MPH, you can choose a specialization in areas such as Epidemiology, Gerontology, Food Safety, Global Health, etc.