How to write a SOP for Canada Study Permit Application !

This article covers all the specifics of writing your SOP letter for Canada student visa. It covers the step-by-step format of the SOP (Statement of Purpose) letter from the Introduction to the end. We also included a sample SOP letter. Read on!

What is SOP and why is it necessary?

A statement of purpose is a division of thought in any international student’s intention to study abroad in a particular university or college. Every SOP has a distinct feature since every individual has a different vision or goals for their choice to study overseas.


(**Hit the head by inserting anecdote that inspired you to pursue the course**). Keeping this in mind, I decided to take up …… for my undergraduate studies (specific reason).

I did my schooling from School Name, City/State and gradually bloomed into an adaptable person. My disposition for my favorite subjects can be easily understood by looking at my score of XX% in that subject. Soon, I developed an aptitude for …… (Which interest determined you to)? Therefore, my quest to attain knowledge landed me at (specialization) to start my journey in the…….. industry. 

I started my XXX studies right after high school as a student of XXX and completed it with Honors. I continued my studies and moved forward with XXX from the same university. (Insert further information about your academic background here). Apart from academics, I was always involved in various extracurricular activities like….. (Talk about the qualities you gained from the activities)

After the completion of my studies, I took a decision to enter the corporate world. I passed the written and personal interview rounds and was eventually selected as XXX. My indispensable academic knowledge helped me to successfully deliver all significant assignment in relation to …………….. My performance soon gave my (Manager) the credence and I got a liberty to lead the team and got promoted to …………position.

 My passion for the subject XXX, its practical application and my current work experience based on XXX will help me in pursuing (Bachelor’s/Master’s) with a better understanding and will lead to a promising career. Also, my work experience demands higher education for getting a higher technical level role, so a Master’s degree (mention how it will build up your career).

Eventually, after my Master’s, I would like (long term goals with your intention to work in a particular organization). (**Reason for choosing the specific university like why that particular university is good for you**) 

I wish to nourish myself at the prestigious University of XXX, Canada with your renowned faculty and research in the field of XXX. Keeping this in mind, I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you.

Things you intend to do after the completion of your study. Personal ties with career prospect, possession and family with the reasons to come back to your home country mentioning your financial status and sponsors who are supporting your study.

Thank you for considering my candidature as a prospective (graduate student).

Common Mistakes to Avoid in SOP

Did you know that if not drafted honestly, an SOP may lead to a rejection or permanent blacklisting, which is even worse? SOP plays a crucial part in application because it provides an overview of the applicant’s life, career paths and future ambitions. Excluding the objective portion of your application like academic documents, a SOP is a subjective portion which provides applicants an opportunity to explain his/her reasons for ups and downs in academic background and those vivid reasons can help to stand in the crowd. It is better to consider not committing the following mistakes while drafting an SOP:

Childhood dream 

Childhood fantasies when discussed in a graduate application or an MBA SOP make a document less considerable. These can nevertheless be discussed in an undergraduate application. 

Personal ambition

Our goals need to be precise instead of discussing how we ended up developing an interest in a certain field, which works for the undergraduate applicants on the other hand.

Not giving it enough time

Covering the aspects on how one thing leads to another and how it struck you to apply for further studies explaining how it fits into your future plans of achieving our goals, our SOP needs to be drafted with patience not keeping time as a constraint.

Beating around the bush 

SOP must vividly reflect our previous achievements and future plans. Our achievements should portray our strengths and determination while goals are required to showcase our focus and clarity of vision. 

Not taking a second opinion

Write on your own but always take a second opinion. However, at the same time, you need to remember that “When You Write the Story of Your Life, Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold the Pen.” Taking help from an industry expert would make a huge difference in your profile presentation. 

Relying too much on helping hands

It is well said, “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Dish”. Referring to a lot of people would lead to confusions and you would end up with a messier document.  

Not doing enough research

Conducting proper university research on the course curriculum, college faculties, campus facilities, and industrial exposure you might get by studying in the country when related to your goals would bring out your candidature as a more focused one.

Trespassing the word limit

The ideal word limit for any given generic SOP is anywhere between 800–1000 words. If you don’t have anything to explain just elaborate your goals.

Being too straightforward 

With a captivating opening, you are certain to attract their attention leaving for them no other option than to read it further. Similarly, you should end your SOP stating how your chosen course and institution would help you in achieving your career aspirations.

Use of unnecessary idioms

 It is okay to use technical terms a few times just to explain your motives clearly and letting them know that you know what you are planning to do with your life. They should be able to relate to your decision of applying to a particular course and your plan for the future.

Never provide fake information 

The admission committee expects you to provide information which is genuine, that’s why you are required to submit proofs for everything you have done ranging from your academics to outdoor activities. If the authorities find the discrepancy between your documents and SOP, they may reject the application. In some cases, they may permanently blacklist your profile.

Don’t copy – It’s Strictly Prohobited !

Plagiarism is considered a serious offence when it comes to visa assessement. Never copy anything from the sample SOPs spread across the internet or sourced from any ex-applicant’s document. This may also result in permanent blacklisting of the aspirant’s candidature. To save yourself from this situation, you might want to refer to tips and tricks for writing a well organized innovative statement of purpose.

Consult the experts

You may always seek the help from industry experts like Goreto Educational Consultancy who are updated with the latest industrial trends and hence would be able to guide you with what is best for you. 

Each and every points discussed above need to be considered seriously as they would help you make your application exceptional. 

We wish you all the best for your application!