Goreto Receives Prestigious Award from Seneca College

In a momentous occasion that highlights dedication to education and outstanding achievement, Goreto Educational Consultancy has been honored with the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement by Seneca Polytechnic, a renowned college in Canada. The accolade recognizes Goreto’s exceptional contributions in providing top-notch educational consultancy services to Nepali students aspiring to pursue their academic dreams in Canada.

Goreto’s Triumph Recognized by Seneca College

The prestigious Award of Excellence was presented to Goreto’s Managing Director, Dhiraj Kandel, and the entire Goreto team during a special event graced by David Agnew, the esteemed President of Seneca College. This recognition underscores Goreto’s commitment to guiding and supporting Nepali students in their journey towards quality education at Seneca College, one of Canada’s leading educational institutions.

Seneca College, located in Canada, stands as a beacon of educational excellence, offering a diverse range of programs and courses that cater to a global student community. From cutting-edge technology to business and health sciences, Seneca is synonymous with academic innovation and practical learning experiences.

Key Features and Courses at Seneca College:


Seneca college consultant Nepal

Leading-edge Facilities: Seneca boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, laboratories, and collaborative spaces designed to foster an environment of creativity and learning.

Industry-Relevant Programs: Seneca’s programs are tailored to meet the demands of various industries. The college maintains strong ties with industry partners, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required for success in their chosen fields.

Global Faculty: Seneca College takes pride in its diverse and accomplished faculty, comprising experts and professionals from around the world. This diversity enriches the learning experience and provides students with a global perspective. Read more about Seneca College here. 

Goreto Educational Consultancy: Your Gateway to Seneca College

As a recipient of the Award of Excellence from Seneca College, Goreto Educational Consultancy has solidified its position as the premier consultancy in Nepal for students aspiring to study at Seneca. Here’s how Goreto can enhance your chances of securing admission to Seneca College:

Expert Guidance: Goreto’s team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants offers personalized guidance to students throughout the application process. From selecting the right program to preparing a compelling application, Goreto ensures that every step is executed with precision.

Visa Assistance: Navigating the visa application process can be complex, but Goreto simplifies the journey. With a thorough understanding of visa requirements and procedures, Goreto supports students in securing the necessary documentation for a smooth transition to Canada.

Pre-Departure Support: Goreto doesn’t just stop at securing admissions; it extends its support to pre-departure preparations. From travel arrangements to accommodation, Goreto ensures that students are well-prepared for their new academic adventure.

Goreto Educational Consultancy’s recognition by Seneca College is not just an award; it’s a testament to the consultancy’s unwavering commitment to student success. Aspiring students in Nepal can confidently turn to Goreto for a seamless and rewarding journey towards academic excellence at Seneca College, Canada.