Canada Study Visa After 2nd Wave of COVID19! Updated

Many Nepalese students have applied for a study permit for higher education at Canadian universities and colleges, awaiting Canada study visas decisions. After the first wave of the global pandemic Covid 19, it became difficult for Nepalese students seeking higher education in Australia and elsewhere.

Despite this gloomy situation of study abroad, Canadian immigration has been more positive in recent times with a high visa success rate for students going to study from Nepal.

Moreover, all the visa procedures had come to a standstill since the start of the second wave of Covid 19. Some students and Spouse have received their decisions (Positive & Negative) around after August 1 while many others are still awaiting the decision.

Nevertheless, Students can expect their visa decision soon. A few days back, Canadian Immigration had posted a notice on its website stating that the decision for all study visa applications submitted before May 15, 2021, will be decided by August 6.

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Mr.Dhiraj Kandel, a popular counselor at Goreto Consultancy,Baneshwor, says for those who have not completed their visa application, “who have not included their biometric and medical report should upload it in their respective GCKey account ( web form as soon as possible.

As the pre-stipulated visa decision date given by the high commission (IRCC). However, the decision given date ( August 6) by High Commission has already crossed. Few Students and Spouse have got their decisions. However, Students are advised to submit their study visa application at least six months in advance

Since there is fear of the 3rd Wave of Covid, Said  Mr. Kandel, the Canadian career counselor.

Regarding the Post-Visa travelnarrangements,students who have already received visas, despite the travel restrictions imposed due to Covid 19, are subject to a mandatory 14-days quarantine stay if they are not vaccinated prior to entering Canada.

As per new travel safety, the Canadian government allows students who are inoculated with Pfizer,Moderna, AstraZeneca (Covishield), and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)vaccines according to Mr. Ram Khadka, Chief Advisor of Goreto from Milton, Toronto,Canada.

Satish Bhatt, another popular counselor at Goreto Consultancy suggested students who have already received their offer letters for Jan 2022 or further intakes from Canadian institutions expedite the tuition fee payment, financial documentation.

Further, Canada studies visa processing as early as possible since the average visa decision-taking time (6 weeks) has drastically increased (16 weeks) in the present aftermath of the 2nd COVID wave and predictive caution of the 3rd wave. 

As a result of not being able to apply for a student visa in the upcoming September session due to lockdown and other reasons, Consultant Bhatta suggested that new students should start enrolling for January and May 2022 intake from today.

Considering the limited number of sessions (3- Jan/May/Sept) and seats further pressurized by the bulk of deferred Sept applications.

Goreto Educational Consultancy, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu has been providing information through various mediums to aspiring students from Nepal and overseas who want to go to Canada.

In this regard, Goreto’s Coordinator Mr. Prakash Regmi has encouraged students and their parents to join Goreto’s Facebook group (Click Here) for one-on-one online counseling and various other informative sessions.