Canadore College

The Canadore College is Canada’s highest-ranking post-secondary institution, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that will help them succeed in their chosen fields.

The Sudbury Campus of Cambrian College, Canadore College was established in the late 1960s to provide students with outstanding applied education and training for a changing world”. Leadership and innovation are central to Canadore’s vision of connecting people, education, and employment.

Students from all over the world attend the college to maximize their potential, learn job-related skills, and establish a foundation for further education.

The college’s student support services and student activities aim to deliver an exceptional college experience to each student. It also encourages research projects, which are of high quality and ethical standards.

Canadore College


The Canadore College was founded in 1967, and is one of Canada’s top colleges and universities. The college has four campuses in North Bay and one in Parry Sound. Canadore College offers more than 75 courses in a variety of areas, such as aviation, health, business management, law, and justice. The graduation rate of Canadore College is the highest in Ontario and the 130th highest in Canada.


There are more than 80 programs offered by Canadore College, along with a summer arts camp known as ‘Artsperience’. Canadore College provides coursework on a range of academic areas. Canadore College also offers international programs in Animation, Business Administration, and Business Management.

The affiliation with established industry partners enriches the learning experience and the life of students at Canadore, enabling them to excel in today’s job market.

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Aviation
  • Business
  • Communication Arts
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Information Technology
  • Skilled Trades
  • Apprenticeship
  • Preparatory Studies
  • Human Service
  • Marine Nautical Studies
  • Law & Justice
  • Public Relations
  • Supply Chain Management

Required Documents:

Students should obtain the evaluation of their credentials from trusted credential evaluators before submitting their original documents during the application process.

For Undergraduate students

  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Supplement essays
  • Additional supplements as per course requirements
  • Financial documents
  • English proficiency test score report
  • Passport

For Graduate students

  • Academic transcripts
  • Resume/CV
  • Essays or SOP
  • Letter of Motivation/Letter of Intent
  • Two to three LORs
  • Additional supplements, as per course requirements
  • Financial documents
  • English proficiency test score report
  • Passport

English proficiency Test Results:

Students applying to university of Canada must have good English reading, writing, and listening skills since lectures, assignments, discussions, and exams are conducted in English.

For Undergraduate Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma

  • IELTS : 5.5 or above.
  • TOEFL Overall 60 or above, with a minimum of 18 in each section
  • PTE : Overall 43 or above
  • Dulingo (DET) : Overall 105 or above

For Aviation Graduate Certificate

  • IELTS : 6.0 or Above.
  • TOEFL : Overall 79 or above, with a minimum of 20 in each section
  • PTE : Overall 51 or above
  • Dulingo (DET) : Overall 115 or above

For Health Care

  • IELTS : 6.5 or Above.
  • TOEFL : Overall 84 or above, with a minimum of 21 in each section
  • PTE : Overall 58 or above
  • Dulingo (DET) : Overall 120 or above


International students are not offered financial aid by the college. However, aspirants can apply for external funding from private or government institutions in the country.

Most of these scholarships are merit-based and course-specific, with separate application procedures. Some scholarships may also require students to take an entrance exam. The best way to find financial aid for studying abroad is to search for institutions that offer such assistance.


  • Fall (February)
  • Winter (October)

Application Process:

Applicants who are international need to apply through OCAS. This portal also allows applicants to apply to other Ontario colleges. Below are the steps students need to take to apply to Canadore:

  • Select the program course from the program guide.
  • Meet the admission requirements
  • Provide proof of English Proficiency.
  • Fill the OCAS form and submit the application by paying the application fee.
  • Your official Letter of Offer will be mailed to you if your online application is accepted.
  • As soon as you receive your offer letter, you must pay your tuition fees and ancillary fees in full for your first semester.
  • Upon receiving your fee payment receipt, the college will notify you.
  • You will then need to apply for your Canadian Study Permit/Visa and Coop Study Permit
  • You will need to submit a residence application if applicable.


All students studying at North Bay are provided with on-campus housing. Students studying at Parry Sound are required to find off campus housing independently.

Students staying at North Bay’s campus can choose from three apartment-style buildings that can house up to 675 students.

All apartments are equipped with full kitchens, ovens, and stoves. A student can choose whether to pay CAD 7,520 for an academic year or split the payment across the two semesters. CAD 2,300 to CAD 3,760 is usually the cost of a room per semester.

There is no standard room rate for the academic year, but the rate for the semester ranges from CAD 2,300 to CAD 3,760 depending on the school. Students may pay in full or split the payment. There is no standard room rate for the academic year, but the rate for the semester ranges from CAD 2,300 to CAD 3,760 depending on the school. Students may pay in full or split the payment.

Students can choose between a two-bedroom suite or a four-bedroom suite apartment, which will include the following amenities:

  • Private bedroom
  • Double extra-long bed
  • Closet with built-in storage
  • Study desk and chair
  • Internet
  • Kitchen and common area
  • Full-size refrigerator and stove/oven
  • Preparation area with sink and storage
  • Kitchen table and chairs
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink and stand up shower


Canadore College is known as a leader in workforce training, complemented by an active connection between education and the business community. The college places a high priority on providing students with the proper education and support to meet their specific needs.

The College has built a foundation in delivering quality education. It continues to evolve and lead the way by implementing new technologies and initiatives for its students.

The college has distinguished itself in several ways, so if you are looking for a reputable institution, then this is the right college for you. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for those who are serious about growing their business and boosting their career.

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